6 Best Bachelor Party Destinations In 2016

Wedding season is almost upon us, which means every best man around the globe is frantically planning brilliant Bachelor Parties for their engaged comrades. We’re certain that every one of these men wants to give their best friend the greatest possible experience as their single life comes to an end, and there are few places more spirited than Europe.

Sure, the USA is fine but you can play online casinos almost anywhere now so there’s no need to go to Las Vegas and Asia is fun but Bangkok is so predictable. Instead, we suggest you take your wingman to Europe, where you can even visit each of these places on an epic road trip!


 6. Vilnius, Lithuania

Although a UNESCO world heritage site may not be your go-to Bachelor Party pick, Vilnius has a lot to offer. Not only is the small town packed with bars due to the large student population, there’s also something named an Insane Lunatic package where you can try weapons out at a former KGB firing range. Bet you weren’t expecting that?  Both food and alcohol are remarkably cheap, plus you can stay at the glorious Ecotel Vilnius for as little as £25 this summer.

5. Split, Croatia

If you’d rather spend your holiday in the sun, Split may be the destination for you. The atmosphere is wonderful, the beer is cheap and there’s no better way to fill your days than kayaking through azure waters or visiting the local Buffet Fife restaurant.


4. Bratislava, Slovakia

Located at the heart of Europe, Bratislava has an incredible nightlife on Hviezdoslavovo Square and in the Korzo pedestrian zone, as well as another shooting range like Vilnius. If you’re not into shooting things, you can always try go-karting with Bratislava Stags where up to ten karts can race at once.You’ll receive one free beer and all equipment is provided.

3. Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is home to a wide range of bars that will fit anyone’s taste from Heavy Metal to Irish and everything in between. Hambara is a particularly unique destination – if you can find it. Sofia Stags will offer all members of your party the chance to go quadbike racing, and afterwards you can visit the KEVA restaurant in the theatre district for incredible, affordable food.


2. Budapest, Hungary

In addition to flawless scenery and historical marvels, Budapest has an incredible nightlife. Your Bachelor Party will be particularly interested in Romkoscma aka ‘ruin pubs’. These are abandoned factories and other large buildings that have been transformed into bars and nightclubs. During the day, visit the thermal springs and eat top-notch goulash at Lugas Etterem. We recommend you stay at the Mercure Budapest Buda as it is at the centre of Budapest and costs as little as £43 this summer.

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is perhaps the top of almost everyone’s Bachelor Party list and for a good reason. Beer is cheap and the sights are spectacular, and if you love curry you’ll love the famous Masala restaurant. Finding a hotel may be a bit tricky, but if you’re an organised best man – and we hope you are – you should be able to find an affordable place to stay.

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