How to Keep the Man in your Life Fashionable this Year

While some guys enjoy fashion, many prefer to just throw on a pair of last year’s jeans, an old t-shirt and be done with it. If you’re aiming to help the main guy in your life with his fashion choices, you’re in luck- the fashion for men is stylish without being fussy this year, which makes it the perfect time to ease him into the latest trends.

Here are some must-wear items for men this year:


Loose trousers

No, we’re not talking about baggy jeans or sweatpants, but instead trousers and chinos which we’re seeing in both relaxed and straight styles. For men who don’t like the idea of super tight trousers, this is the ideal pair of pants for a night out without having to sacrifice comfort for style.

Longer shorts

Let’s face it- no one wants to see lots of hairy male leg at the beach or on vacation, and since fashion designers are focusing on tailored longer shorts, men can keep cool without having to slap on a pair of tiny shorts.

Sandals with socks

This does not sound at all attractive, but you’d be surprised. Many men are loving this trend, and are pairing pool sandals and gym socks for an interesting, comfortable look. I was initially surprised at just how many designers have been a fan of this trend, and you’ll soon be seeing it all over the place. Keep in mind that slapping on a pair of old socks with his sandals is not the way to go, so if your guy has a birthday coming up, consider buying him a pair of comfortable and attractive cashmere or cotton socks with leather sandals.


Cool Backpacks

I know, I know, it’s hard to imagine a backpack looking all that cool, and most of us associate them with biking to work or going to the gym. However, many designers have recognised that the humble backpack needs a bit of a makeover and have designed backpacks with navy and black leather, chrome detailing and other touches that make it the perfect gym-to-work option.

Comfortable Jeans

I personally don’t know a single guy who doesn’t wear jeans most of the time, which makes this season’s jeans the perfect intro into fashion for most men. This year you’ll see jeans looking like they’ve been around the block, with bleached, patched and ripped details, faded denim and softer fabric.


Interesting Shoes

For guys who don’t care what they’re putting on their feet, woven trainers are the next big thing to hit men’s fashion. Think Converse shoes with woven strips, plenty of different materials and a mix of comfort and fashion that’s sure to be a hit.

Sukajan Jackets

These go all the way back to WWI when American soldiers brought them back from Japan. The mix of iconography from both the east and west make them completely unique, and you may be lucky enough to find one in a second-hand shop just waiting to be tailored.

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