7 of the Best Things to do in Italy

Italy is a fascinating country and it is one of the most popular places for tourists to visit.  It is an exciting blend of modernity and ancient history that also includes fabulous beaches, iconic landmarks, world famous art and architecture, and  some of the tastiest food that you will find anywhere in the world.  Here are the 7 best things to do in Italy.

1.Visit Florence

Florence is a glamorous city that is famous for the showcasing the art of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Donatello.  It is also known for high end fashion and Ferragamo, Emilio Pucci, Cavalli, and Gucci are based here.  You can hire private shoppers that will allow you to shop without crowds.

2. Visit the Colosseum

If you are visiting Rome, it is impossible not to see the Colosseum. It is more than 2,000 years old and it is the largest Roman amphitheatre that still remains.  Until the medieval times it hosted entertainment like gladiator battles, plays, and other public spectacles and it could hold a crowd of between 50,000 to 80,000.  Post medieval era it was used as a fortress, a quarry, and by the church for residences.  You can take a private colosseum tour with a guide to learn more about this fascinating ancient structure and the surrounding area including the Seven Hills of Rome and the Arch of Constantine.

 3. Relax on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it is part of the coastline in southern Italy.  It has mild temperatures all year round and it known for its stunning beauty and panoramic views.  For a great day trip you should rent a car and drive from Vietri sul Mare to Positano then charter a boat and tour all of the inlets.  The fresh seafood is fantastic and be sure to try some Limoncello (liqueur locally made with lemons) with your food.

4. Stay in a traditional villa

Tuscany is a stunning area of Italy that is filled with rolling hills, lavender fields, sun washed olive fields, and many other spectacular sights.  It is a great place to stay in a luxury villa that allows you to relax in the splendour of the area.   You can spend your days trekking, taking garden tours, cooking lessons, visiting wineries, lavender or olive fields.   Show up during harvest season and you may be able to help bring the bounty in.

5. Drive a Ferrari

The Ferrari is one of the world’s finest automobiles and you can drive one through the streets of the country it was created in.  You can rent one on your own, head out to the countryside as a group, or drive fast with a copilot. You can also explore the rich history of the Ferrari by visiting the two museums in Modena and Mirabella.

6. Get a private tour of the Vatican

Getting up early while on vacation can be difficult but it is worth it for a private tour of the Vatican.  Seeing this stunning country within a city without a crowded tour group is something that few people get to experience.

7. Take a Gondola Ride in Venice

Head to northeastern Italy and take a gondola ride in Venice on the Grand Canal.  The city is constructed upon 117 islands and it has a unique series of canals and bridges.  Check out the amazing architecture of St Mark’s Basilica, and Piazza San Marco. Be sure to sample the expertly prepared cuisine that this area is known for.


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