5 Types of Accommodation You Have to Try in Your Lifetime

Staying in the wrong place can ruin your vacation.  All it takes is one rude staff member, a room that isn’t clean, or a noisy person in the room next door.  You work hard to be able to enjoy your vacation so where you stay should be a fabulous experience.  Doing the proper research about where to stay can make or break your vacation.  Here are five types of accommodation that you must try.

Ryokans in Japan

Ryokans or guest houses in Japan are a fabulous place to stay while visiting this beautiful country.  You can stay in simple guest houses or luxury ones depending upon your budget.  They are located throughout the country and you can stay in large cities or off the beaten track.  Many of them are connected to onsens (hot springs) and you will not find an experience like this anywhere else in the world.  It is a much better way to soak up the culture of the country than staying in a hotel.

A Luxury Villa in Greece

Greece is an exciting place to visit that is filled with spectacular beaches, stunning historical sites, and fabulous food.  Renting a luxury villa in Greece allows you to feel at home away from home.  There are many companies that rent villas and you can get them with concierge services, private pools, staffed kitchens and other options.  Having a personal residence is a great way to spend your vacation and you don’t need to worry about noisy neighbours in the room next door, or not being able to get a spot by the pool.

Ice Hotel

An ice hotel is only available for few months of the year but it is a truly amazing experience.  There are only two ice hotels in the world.  Hotel de Glace is located in Quebec, Canada and Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel is in Sweden.  Each year a new design is created to provide visitors with a unique stay.  The ice looks like glass and it is an exciting place that few people have tried.

7 Star Hotel in Dubai

There are lots of different accommodation options in Dubai, however the most well known is the incredible Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. It is a 7 star hotel that is located in the Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world.  The hotel has over two hundred lavish rooms, nine world class restaurants and bars, a spa, a fitness centre, three outdoor pools, two indoor pools and a private beach.  You also get a free access to the water park that is located on the grounds.  The hotel also has its own helicopter landing pad so feel free to bring your own chopper.

Caves in Turkey

For something truly unique try the luxury caves in Cappadocia, Turkey.  Each suite has been carved out of volcanic rock and they are filled with all of the amenities that you require to make your vacation spectacular.  You can expect to see stunning panoramic views from the door of your cave. The area has been making wine for thousands of years so it is a great place to tour wineries.  Head to Istanbul and spend a day exploring the stunning Blue Mosque that thousands of visitors travel to each year.


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