8 tips for jewellery care while travelling

Taking anything valuable with you travelling is a bit risky, but sometimes it has to be done – no one wants to go on holiday without their accessories! However, especially with something like jewellery which is as sentimentally valuable as it is financially, taking proper care is paramount. Below, we’ve put together a few safety tips and a few jewellery care trips to help you have a problem-free trip.

Safety Tips

On the beach

It’s best not to take jewellery to the beach at all, but if you must there are a couple of ways you can keep it safe. One way is to ensure one person remains with everyone’s possessions at a time, but this isn’t always possible. One nifty trick is to use a washed-out suncream bottle as a secret storage container where you can keep any jewellery and other small items like keys; to any passer by it just looks like a suncream bottle!


While you are travelling, keep all your valuables such as your jewellery in your hand luggage. This means it’s on your person so you can ensure its safety, and it will be covered by your travel insurance which isn’t always true of checked baggage. Once you arrive at your destination, use the hotel room safe – if one isn’t provided, hide your jewellery roll within a hard to access pocket in your suitcase such as the lining pocket.


Before travelling, make a list with photographs of what you’re taking. This will help you keep track of what you’ve brought as you can check against the list, and if anything does get stolen then it will be helpful to show the hotel manager, insurance providers or police. This may seem extreme, but it’s always better safe than sorry – especially if you’re taking anything very valuable with you like a gemstone engagement ring.


You should always insure valuable jewellery. Jewellery travel insurance will even cover you for accidental loss.

Care tips

Avoid sand

A few pesky grains of abrasive sand will damage some metals and gemstones, causing cosmetic damage to your jewellery. Depending on the type of clasp on your jewellery, sand can get inside and cause damage. It’s best to avoid exposing fine jewellery to sand. 

Avoid sunscreen

Although it won’t cause any lasting damage to your jewellery, suncream gets stuck in all the tiny crevices and can make your jewellery look mucky, and will reduce the shine of any gems. Plus, it can be a bit of a nightmare to get rid of afterwards. 

Avoid swimming

Both saltwater and pool chemicals can react badly with precious metals and some gemstones, and some gems like pearls can become softened if worn in the water. It’s much better to follow the beach safety tips above and avoid swimming in fine jewellery at all – if you’re desperate to be glam in the water, costume jewellery is the way to go. Leave your black diamond engagement ring and sapphire earrings at the hotel!

Buy a jewellery travel roll

These are soft, safe travel storage devices specifically for jewellery with special compartments for each type. They are usually inconspicuous, adding to safety, and prevent it from getting tangled or damaged. They are also very compact, so you will be able to keep your jewellery with you in your hand luggage rather than in your checked case and they will then be covered by travel insurance.

If you follow the safety and care tips above, then your chances of a jewellery related mishap will be to a minimum – and you’ll look fabulous the whole trip through.

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