Adventures in Queenstown

Often hailed as the “adventure capital of the world” Queenstown has built up quite a reputation for being able to offer outstanding activities for those adrenalin junkies who love nothing more than to throw themselves off a bridge (safely). We’ve rounded up the hottest activities to do in Queenstown, so you can easily plan your adventure activities. Queenstown is one of the most beautiful places in the world, it’s just a bonus that it’s filled with so many exhilarating activities.

"Bungee Jumping" by Carla MacNeil on Flickr

“Bungee Jumping” by Carla MacNeil on Flickr

Go Luging

What could be more fun than jumping in a luge (similar to a go-kart) and weaving your way down a hill while looking out over to the beauty that is Queenstown? Not much, really. This is the perfect activity for those who are only a little adventurous and is perfect for people of all ages – meaning that if you’re traveling as a family you can all get into the action. There are two tracks here at the luge, one is a good training track and suited to those who want to enjoy a casual luge down the hill. The other track is much steeper and offers a lot more excitement as you twist and turn heading straight down. It’s heaps of fun, but a little pricey so we suggest spending a little more and getting quite a few rides on the luge to justify the cost.

Bungy Jumping
Bungy jumping was invented in New Zealand by A. J. Hackett and is one of the most adventurous things you can do. There are a few options in terms of bungy jumping, from Mr Hackett’s thrilling “ledge swing”, the Nevis Bungy to the¬†Kawarau Bridge Bungy. Whichever option you choose will be a real rush, offering incredible scenery while providing you with a high dose of adrenalin.

"White Water Rafting" by eleanoredwards80 on Flickr

“White Water Rafting” by eleanoredwards80 on Flickr

ZipTreck EcoTours
Get harnessed in and then climb high above the beautiful forest and then get ready for some real fun. You’ll be ziplining through the course, feeling the wind blowing in your face as you “fly” through the sky. It certainly helps that this is an “EcoTour” so you can enjoy your adventure while knowing that the environment is being well looked after.

White Water Rafting
Fancy being in a boat that is cruising down the river at considerable speed, water splashing in your face as your adrenaline shoots up? Well, if so, you’re in the right place. There are a number of white water rafting companies in Queenstown that provide extremely exciting rides, while being surrounded with the beautiful New Zealand scenery. This is both exhilarating, terrifying and a whole heap of fun.

There’s so much to do in Queenstown if you want to get out there and get some serious adventure packed into your holiday. Queenstown is also a great place to go mountain biking with a number of exciting trails for you to enjoy. This is one holiday destination where you definitely wont be bored.

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