Top 4 Things to Do in New York

New York is one of the most famous places in America, and for good reason, it is a captivating city that has a lot to offer both the local and tourist alike. If you’re heading to New York, you might feel overwhelmed by the selection of things on offer and if you have a limited trip, it can be impossible to cram everything in. Here at, we want to filter travel information down so you know what is really essentially to experiencing the ultimate trip to New York. Here are our four suggestions for things to do in New York:

"Central Park" by Vivienne Gucwa on Flickr

“Central Park” by Vivienne Gucwa on Flickr

Visit Central Park
Yes, ok this will be on everyone’s list for a trip to New York, but it kind of has to be. Central park is the heart of New York city and is one of the most incredible city parks in the whole world. Because Central Park is so large, it’s somewhat impossible to see it all on one visit. We suggest grabbing a bicycle and pedalling your way through the lush grounds.

Head to Film Forum
New York is known for being hot on the pulse of international art’s trends, in particular fashion and film. Do as the New Yorkers do and head to Film Forum to watch a wide variety of films you might normally only read about. From Indie films, documentaries and films that have screened in international film festivals. If you are a film buff, then this is the perfect place for you to spend a few hours – or days on your next trip to New York.

"P.S.1" by quixoticguide on Flickr

“P.S.1” by quixoticguide on Flickr

Indulge in Mixology
Head to Little Branch and enjoy some fine cocktails, skilfully prepared by well-dressed mixologists who take their work seriously. The dimly lit cocktail bar offers an extensive range of delicious drinks, including old classics and modern twists. Sunday through to Thursday, Little Branch offers live Jazz which is the perfect compliment to the delicious drinks on offer.

Get Cultured at P.S.1
While there are numerous galleries in New York that each deserve a visit, P.S.1 is one of the most forward thinking and moving galleries. Perched opposite MoMA, P.S.1 is home to numerous challenging displays and exhibitions, many of which will leave you speechless, in a good way. During summer P.S.1 is also home to free nightlife parties on Saturdays, which are worth a visit if you fancy a good night out.

New York is one of those cities you could visit a hundred times and each trip could be an entirely different experience. Few places are as diverse is New York is, both in terms of the people that live there and the art and cultural experiences on offer.

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