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Planning a gap year or two in Auz?

Whether you are planning to be based one of the big cities or in a cruisy surf town like Byron, having the freedom to get in you car for a road trip will make your time in this beautiful country all the more enjoyable. There is so much to do and see and companies like Westralian Auto Finance make the process easy and affordable, even if you have just arrived in the country.

Here are 5 Reasons to get mobile in Australia:


1. Freedom

There is nothing more liberating than deciding at the last minute to jump in the car and go for an adventure. If you live in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast is a short drive and boasts some of the best surfing around, with the added bonus of not being as “Touristy” as the Gold Coast. On the other hand the Gold Coast is just a short trip in the other direction, and just beyond the big city is the laid-back hippie town of Byron Bay, home of John Butler and some great chilled out surf spots. The opportunities are endless if you can jump in the car.

2. Not having to rely on Public Transport

I went without my car for 6 months last year while I was studying, and it got old fast. Yes you are doing your bit for the environment blah blah blah, but the truth is I hate having to rely on a bus or pay a horrendous cab fare to get where I am going. Busses run late and you have to sit next to whatever random animals decide to migrate that day. The smell on these people movers is reason enough to get yourself a car.


3. Time

Time is a precious commodity in today’s fast paced world. For those among us who live a life of procrastination it becomes all the more important. I don’t think its procrastination anyway, its efficient time management. If I have a meeting at 3pm, I want to be able to jump in my car at 2.40 and walk in the door at 2.59. I don’t have time in my busy schedule to bother with commuting and extra hour or two a day. Time is money, so why waste it sitting at the Bus Stop.

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