Ski Adventures

When it comes to ski vacations, few places can compete with the North of Europe. Reliable winter weather with generous powder plus the traditional Nordic diligence and efficiency make for a truly remarkable skiing experience for every family member, regardless of skill or experience. Lapland is the most welcoming ski terrain in the whole of Scandinavia. It combines over 30 top-notch locations with friendly staff and a variety of activities.


Spoilt for choice

When it comes to winter adventures, Finland remains unmatched. Holidays to Lapland are excellent choices for those who want to experience ski and snowboard vacations with endless fun and enjoyment. The slopes are never too steep, which makes Lapland an excellent place to learn skiing and snowboarding or to take your skills to the next level. If you are already proficient in those two disciplines, you can widen your horizons with cross-country, husky sledding, or reindeer racing. Over 180 miles of cross-country trek await you!

Ski with Santa Claus 

Your little ones will love a visit to Levi, Santa’s official ski resort. The location offers around 65 miles of slopes, excellent lift coverage, and an almost Alpine experience right in the heart of the North. The pristine slopes and the majestic quiet of the surrounding forests are appropriately breathtaking. After a good day of skiing, snuggle into a thermal glass igloo overnight and enjoy the ethereal glow of the sunset and the hypnotising Northern Lights right after it.


Go for the long haul

f you and the family are ready for a truly active holiday, Ylläs is the place to be. It offers Lapland’s longest treks and tops them up with a variety of snow safaris. Skiers young and old enjoy the reindeer-, husky-, or snowmobile-powered outings which go around the two villages of the resort and delve into the trademark serene Lappish forests. (Just make sure you bring or buy some good snowmobile racing helmets, as the last thing you need is a major concussion on vacation!) Ylläas is also famous for its top-notch log cabin accommodations which provide an authentic Nordic experience everyone can appreciate.

Off the beaten path

If you are looking for a ski holiday which is less commercial and more hands-on, Saariselkä will not disappoint you. Close to the Russian border, this resort is less crowded and offers simpler accommodation and skiing schedules. This mean you are freer to explore treks on your own and be creative in the beautiful Lappish nature. Be sure to try your luck at gold panning!

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