Beating the Christmas Post Blues

Forget about the post-Christmas blues. The Christmas post is enough to bring on the blues. With so many festive plans and preparations to make, it’s easy to forget about the last post for those cards and presents that can’t be delivered in person. However, don’t leave your loved ones empty-handed on Christmas day and follow our quick guide on what you need to consider when posting your Christmas presents.


Skip the Queues

Avoid the long queues at the post office and send your Christmas presents by courier. This will take the stress out of delivering presents by post and you can be assured that your packages will be delivered quickly and safely.

If you’re posting presents to friends or family who live abroad, you can use a courier such as TNT to deliver your presents, even if they live at the other side of the world. Just be aware of the Christmas deadlines for international postage so that your presents reach your loved ones on time. Also, check if there are any restrictions when posting to another country as this could cause unnecessary delays and possible surcharges.

For the forgetful gift-giver posting within the UK, express next day deliveries can get your present to your loved one by Christmas Eve if it’s posted by midday on the 23rd December.

Package Your Presents Properly

It’s nice to wrap your presents with nice ribbons and bows, but the decorations aren’t likely to last through the package’s journey. Here’s how to package your gifts so that they are ready to post:

  • Keep your festive decorative wrapping on the inside of the package.
  • Use a sturdy box and seal it with strong parcel tape.
  • Don’t just rely on “Fragile” stickers – make sure there’s at least two inches of cushioning. If you’re sending multiple presents, wrap everything individually in packaging and bubble wrap so that they don’t smash into each other.
  • Ensure your parcel doesn’t exceed the dimensions and weight limits.
  • Label everything clearly and include a return address.


Insuring Your Packages

If you’re sending valuable or fragile items a long way, you may want to insure your packages for your own piece of mind. The shipping industry is likely to be dealing with hundreds of millions of packages throughout the Christmas period. Make sure you protect your package against loss or damage if you are sending a present that has personal or monetary value.

Beat the Christmas post blues by using a courier service to deliver your parcels. As long as you’re aware of the deadline for delivery dates, both in the UK and internationally, sending Christmas presents through the post can be simple and stress-free.

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