Best Budget Travel Destinations

Budget destinations don’t have to be boring. If you travel somewhere that is cheaper, like Asia, then you can leverage your home currency against their currency. You’ll find yourself getting great value for money. The truth is, it’s not only Asia that offers a number of great budget travel destinations. For many young travelers, it’s almost a right of passage :going to a cheap place and see how long they can survive with whatever’s left in their bank account. For others, they just want to explore places that are more affordable that their home country. Whatever your reason, there’s nothing wrong with hunting out destinations that are affordable. We’ve made this list of best budget travel destinations to help you get started planning your next affordable trip:

"Greece" by bilwander on Flickr

“Greece” by bilwander on Flickr

1. Greece

While Greece isn’t the cheapest destination in the world, their latest financial issues have certainly opened up Greece to those with tighter budgets. Factor in how beautiful it is and how much history there is, Greece is an excellent choice for those who are budget conscious. If you haven’t been to Greece, now is one of the best times to go. It’s a great opportunity to help inject some extra money into their economy, all the while enjoying one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

2. Burma

Only recently opened up again, Burma offers that Asian experience that was Thailand some twenty odd years ago. Parts of Burma have rarely seen foreign visitors, and so you’ll be a bit of a novelty in the smaller towns. Visiting Burma now is a great opportunity to explore an Asian country that has not yet been taken over with modernization. Although some aspects of traveling in Burma can be a bit expensive, for the most part it is extremely affordable and rewarding.

"Burma" by bsmethers on Flickr

“Burma” by bsmethers on Flickr

3. Morocco 

Morocco is a weird mix. It feels as if it is a fusion of Africa, the Middle East and parts of Southern Europe. It is a very diverse country, with the landscape and people varying substantially from town to town. It also offers a lot, from crazy medinas to beautiful coastal towns renowned for being great surf destinations. The best part? Morocco is very kind on your wallet. Lodging, food and transport are all very affordable, making it an excellent choice for those who are keen to explore somewhere a little different.

4. Bolivia 

Compared to its neighbours, Bolivia is extremely affordable. This is the perfect place to indulge in a Spanish language course, because not only are the locals friendly and accommodating, everything here is affordable. There’s no shortage of incredible things to do here, from visiting the beautiful salt flats, to the enchanting Witches’ market at La Paz. Bolivia is an exception budget travel destination that rarely gets the attention it deserves.

These are our picks for the best budget travel destinations in the world. What do you think? Is there anywhere special we left off this list?

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