Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai

Dubai is an unusual city, from the sky when you fly in, it is lit up with so many lights it almost looks like the Vegas of the Middle East. In Dubai you’ll find towering buildings, expansive malls, luxury spas and world-class restaurants. This is the perfect destination if you want to spoil yourself. In Dubai there is absolutely no shortage of luxury accommodation and if you’re looking to splurge you’ll have ample options to choose from. We’ve combed the web and made a list of the best luxury hotels in Dubai:

Credit: "Burj Al Arab" by  Joi Ito on Flickr

Credit: “Burj Al Arab” by Joi Ito on Flickr

Shangri-La Hotel
Shangri-La Hotels are scattered across the world and have a reputation for offering some of the finest accommodation and service in the industry. Here in Dubai you’ll find deep soaking tubs, rain showers, and immaculate decor. There’s a full service fitness centre, an impressive pool and the staff are prized for boasting attention to detail. There’s a number of wonderful restaurants on site, that offer a variety of local and international foods. This is the perfect hotel to start your holiday at if you want to relax in style.

Al Qasr
The name “Al Qasr” literally translates to “the palace” and rightly so. This hotel is fit for a king or queen. Here you’ll find, classic and elegant furniture and decorations on a grand scale. You’ll find every facility you could need and a stunning stretch of sand along the beach. For the younger visitors there is a kid’s club and a water park to keep them entertained.

Credit: "Al Qasr" by Shenli Leong on Flickr

Credit: “Al Qasr” by Shenli Leong on Flickr

Burj Al Arab
One of the most iconic buildings of Dubai, it is designed to look like a giant sail with the sea as the backdrop. The bedrooms themselves are decked out in only the finest furniture, including gorgeous four-poster canopy beds. On every floor of the hotel there is a reception desk, so that guests are properly attended to. There’s also a team of butlers on each floor to ensure that your every whim is properly met. The ultimate in luxury, a stay in Burj Al Arab is going to be an extremely memorable experience.

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