The Best Rides at Disney World Orlando

Nothing says “childhood” more than “Disneyworld”. And nothing says “Disneyworld” more than “Orlando” does. It does not even matter how old you are: once you set your foot on “Disneyland soil”, you will be swept back to your childhood almost instantaneously. Every single bit of this theme park will remind you of something beautiful, pure and joyful. There is no way you can feel sad at Disneyland. There is no way you cannot enjoy yourself. If you plan on going there soon, then you may want to check out with the following list of the best rides you can “embark” on. Check them out, see if you like the idea and then do not hesitate to experience them on your own skin because it will definitely be worth it. Looking for tickets? If you book online you can often find great Disney World Ticket offers, that not only offer you a discounted rate, but allow you to purchase multi park passes to maximise your theme park experience.



1. It’s a Small World. You cannot go to Disney and not go on this ride. This is one of the oldest ones in the park and even if it may not be as entertaining today as it was several decades ago, it will still have that “special something” you can always associate with old-school Disney – with the cartoons of your childhood.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean. No need to become a pirate to experience the great life of the Pirates of the Caribbean heroes because Disneyland has thought of offering its visitors with a ride that will satisfy their craving for adventure, treasure-hunting and heroic piracy.

3. Jungle Cruise. Well, classic Disney never dies and this ride will definitely bring back some of the most pleasant memories of your childhood – and it will excite your kids as well. Take a trip deep into the “jungle” without fearing of anything because Disneyland has built the perfect jungle ride there has ever been seen on Earth.


4. Splash Mountain. If the weather outside is nice, then this ride will be refreshing – and take this as literally as possible. Of course, when the cold weather hits, the employees will diminish some of the splashy effects, but you may still want to keep your kid away from it if you’re afraid of him/her catching a cold.

5. Peter Pan’s Flight. Peter Pan and childhood are almost synonymous for a good bunch of the people out there. The nicest part in this ride is when you “fly” over London – truly gives you the feeling that you’re above everyone and that you are as light as a bird (or as Tinker Bell, for that matter).

6. Hall of Presidents. It does not really matter whether or not you are actually American but these people’s sense of patriotism is truly admirable. Disneyland has built a ride that is perfect both for the little ones and for the adults accompanying them. High tech pieces and animated presidents – expect to see this here!

Of course, there are many, many other rides at Disneyland and you would probably need to spend at least a couple of weeks to actually enjoy them all (if not even more than that). Yet, these are some of the most famous ones and if they have stirred your curiosity, then don’t forget to put them on the list because they will leave you and your kids with wonderful memories.

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