4 Things You Must do in Mauritius

For most of the travellers out there, Mauritius is among those spots that are absolutely beautiful, but often regarded as “too expensive”. Of course, Mauritius can be utterly expensive and can leave a decent dent in your pocket, but after choosing a Mauritius honeymoon you’ll soon discover that there is nowhere quite so perfect. Mauritius is romantic, peaceful, warm, blessed with beautiful beaches, and a number of fun excursions. If you are planning to visit Mauritius, make sure to check out these 4 things you should definitely do when visiting.



Regarded as one of the best diving destinations in the world, Mauritius offers its tourists with plenty of opportunities to dive and experience the water wildlife in its natural habitat. If you are sporty, adventurous and curious, then you will find this activity to be incredible and probably somewhat addictive. There are lots of different companies you can use for diving, so shop around to find a competitive deal.


If you ever tire of sunbathing on these beautiful beaches, you’ll be pleased to know there are a lot of opportunities for fun excursions in Mauritius. Going to one of the inhabited islands can show you exactly just how versatile the culture in this area is: from busy merchant markets in the Central Plateau towns selling stunning garments to wonderful and modern islands, there is something for everyone. Furthermore, you can even choose to go on a night fishing trip and you can also head to the Black River Gorges National Park to glimpse the virgin forests for a bit of untamed beauty as well.



If you plan to go to Mauritius on your honeymoon then you are in for a great treat because this is one of those places you see people on TV and in the movies going to. Everything here calls for romance and there is no way to describe it until you actually see and feel it on your own skin.

Just Relax

Mauritius is one of the greatest relaxation spots in the world and the truth is that the mere beauty of the landscape of any of the islands here can be relaxing on its own. The stunning beaches, the deep and calming blue of the sea, the people here – everything will call you to leave behind the stressful daily tasks you had to face at home. Even more, if you want to push this even further, you can visit one of the many spa and wellness spots here to allow yourself to relax.

Mauritius is the dream holiday destination for many of us and for good reason! The islands are perfectly suited for almost any kind of traveller out there: from the newlyweds to the adventurers, everybody can find something to do here. Plan well in advance and you have a very good chance of landing on affordable accommodation and transportation as well so that you can make this trip as budget-friendly as possible.

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