Best Ways to See Europe

Europe is a very interesting continent, especially to travel to, as it is made up of so many different countries in a relatively small space. There are so many different ways to see Europe, from inside of a train to cruising down a river, that it’s really best to use as many combinations so that you can really experience Europe. Often we pay little attention to how we move around a city, but it can really make a difference to how we view it. Different modes of transports allow different interactions and views of the city. On your next trip to Europe, try to be a little more creative with how you get around and here are our suggestions:

Enjoy Stunning European River Cruises:
At times, river cruises can be a little pricey so it does pay to look online to see what options are available. Few things are as romantic as cruising down a river while admiring the scenery either side. It can be a unique time to get a different perspective of the cities you’re visiting. Some river cruises even allow the option to enjoy a meal during your cruise, which makes for a very memorable evening.

Photto Credit: "Train Arriving" by William Murphy on Flickr

Photto Credit: “Train Arriving” by William Murphy on Flickr

Travel Europe By Train:
Often it’s cheaper now to fly between cities, rather than take the train. It’s also obviously quite a lot faster. However, sometimes there is little better than sitting on a train, watching as the scenery changes from region to country. If you’re looking at traveling between two cities or countries and the distance isn’t too bad, why not consider taking a train trip for the purpose of enjoying the views?

Rent a Bike:
There’s no better way to get around the streets of Amsterdam than by bike. But you can choose to explore by bike in other cities too. It’s a great way to balance all the delicious food you’ll be eating with a little exercise, and allows you to really interact with the place you’re visiting. The slower pace of a bicycle, when compared to a taxi or bus, allows to you really soak everything in. Plus it can be fun playing the part of a local.

Enjoy a Helicopter Ride:
Of course, this depends on your budget, but a helicopter ride is a really fun and unique way to see a new city. You’ll get sweeping views of the city and region, all while enjoying the novelty of being in such an interesting vehicle. This is also a great way to ensure many special photos that you can then later share with friends and family.

Photo Credit: "London Bike Ride" by Tilemahos Efthimiadis on Flickr

Photo Credit: “London Bike Ride” by Tilemahos Efthimiadis on Flickr

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride:
Whether you want to do something romantic for your partner, or you just want to enjoy the stunning views, a hot air balloon ride is a special way to see the region you’re visiting. Often you’ll be able to take the hot air balloon in the morning, while the sun is still rising allowing for breathtaking views.

Get creative with how you see some of the cities you’re planning to visit in Europe and your trip will be all the more memorable for it.

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