Top 5 Things to do in China

China is massive and it can be quite intimidating to try to tackle this giant country as it has so much to offer. From stunning natural landscapes, to impressive man made structures and booming cities, China really has something to offer everyone. Narrowing down what you’ll do on your trip to China can be challenging, especially there’s just so much on offer. You could choose to enjoy Perfect China Tours which will allow you take in some of China’s best highlights, or plan a trip yourself. Whatever you choose, you’ll be in for a real cultural and historical treat when you visit China. We’ve made a list of the top 5 things to do in China to help you figure out how you’ll plan your next visit to this superpower.

1) Shanghai
No trip to China could be complete without at least a visit to Shanghai. This city embodies the direction China is heading in, ultra modern and expanding at an impressive speed. You wont be short for entertainment here, from exploring the Bunt, to browsing the Shanghai museum, there’s so much to do in Shanghai that one trip probably wont be enough. Don’t forget to check out the Old Street, the Jade Buddha Temple and take a cruise down the Huangpu river.

Photo Credit: "Shanghai, China" by Fabio Achilli on Flickr

Photo Credit: “Shanghai, China” by Fabio Achilli on Flickr

2) The Great Wall Of China
This incredible man made structure is one of the most visited sites in the world and for good reason. You can visit the wall in many parts of China, but most people find it easiest to make their way to the wall from Beijing. There are a few different parts of the wall that you can access, but some are swarming with tourists. Huanghua Cheng is a fascinating section that tends to be a little quieter than most. Make sure you check opening times in advance as sometimes this part of the wall is closed to tourists.

3) The Forbidden City
While you’re near Beijing, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Forbidden City. This is China’s best collection of preserved ancient buildings, and definitely worth a visit. It is surrounded by a moat, and inside contains some of China’s best treasures. The Forbidden City is appropriately named so because it was off limits for some 500 years, which helped to preserve so well. In the centre of the Forbidden city you’ll find the three great halls, which were used for special ceremonies.

Photo Credit: "Guangxi, China" by Stanley Wood on Flickr

Photo Credit: “Guangxi, China” by Stanley Wood on Flickr

4) Guǎngxī
There’s so much more to China than sprawling cities and man-made features. China is home to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful scenery in the world. Located very close to Hong Kong, the Kart peaks of Guìlín and Yángshuò are what draw most travellers to this region. But there’s so much more to see here still, including the Elephant Trunk Hill, the Black Buddha Caves and Water Caves, and the charming old town.

5) Guǎngzhōu
Often one of the first places tourists visit in mainland China, Guǎngzhōu is home to one of China’s best museums: Mausoleum of the Nányuè King. This museum is rich with history and should be added into any trip to China. You can make the short trip to Shāmiàn Island if you want some peace and quite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Temple of the Six Bayan Trees is also worth a visit.

China has so much to offer the tourist and the coming decade will be a very interesting one in terms of China’s rapid development.

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