Cheap beach holidays in Tunisia

It’s getting cold in the Northern hemisphere and winter is now in full swing. When the weather turns cold it’s nice to sit and dream about sand, sun and ocean air. But why just dream about it, when you can jump on a plane and soak some sun with a cheap Cosmos holiday in Tunisia  and enjoy it’s year round sunshine. Here are my top reasons why you should head there today.


Sahara Desert

If you are willing to spend a few nights then the Sahara desert can be quite accessible from Tunisia. And why not when it’s one of National Geographic’s top 50 places to visit in the world. You can book a tour where you get to experience the desert in 4×4 or by camel back. You can even overnight in the desert in a tent and be treated to breathtaking sunrise views.

Endless summer and beautiful beaches

As I said Tunisia Holidays are the best as it has year round sunshine so it’s perfect for that midwinter escape. There are miles upon miles of beaches, white sand and crystal blue water. Hammamet and Port El Kantaoui are some of the top spots for beaches where you can layback, relax and enjoy the stunning views.


Huge fancy resorts

If a resort holiday is your style then a Tunisia Holiday is for you. You will love all the large-scale full service resorts on offer. A lot of them even have great deals on all-inclusive stays.  The spas are top notch too, so you can enjoy some world class pampering if that’s what your heart desires.


If you are into watersports then Tunisia has it all. You can go jet skiing, diving, parasailing, windsurfing you name it. There is plenty of adventure to be had for those who like the more active style holiday.



A Tunisia holiday isn’t just beaches and sand, it can also offer a rich cultural experience with its Mediterranean, French and African influences. This country has a lot vibrancy and culture to soak in. You can’t go there without visiting some of the beautiful mosques and souks. The souks are a great way to experience an authentic Tunisia life with some good old bartering involved.

The festivals

There are some great festivals to experience in Tunisia, so try and plan your Tunisia Holiday when one is on. There are authentic Sahara traditions of nomadic dancing and camel racing at the International Douz festival in December, which is definitely worth checking out.


Tunisia is really the place to be for a warm holiday celebration. Have you tried spending the holiday in Tunisia? Let me know your experience.


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