How demand for travelling in luxury is increasing

Extra comfort is often high on our agenda when it comes to travelling — be it car rental for a business trip, or fully relaxing on holiday. For some of us, the idea of travelling in luxury is essential, so here, we take a look at the best ways to travel in luxury.


There are many benefits in an airport, including the airport lounge. This can see you take full advantage of complimentary snacks and drinks to make the most of. As most of us spend time in eating establishments and watering holes anyway to kill time before our flight, why wouldn’t you want to do so in added comfort? Many are child-friendly too, providing gaming consoles to keep the little ones calm during the waiting period.

It doesn’t matter if you’re with family, friends or on business, it’s key to relax before you board your flight. Airport lounges are perfect for this; don’t be fooled into thinking you must be in possession of a first-class ticket to enter. Simply book online and take advantage of the spacious and secluded environment for up to three hours* before your flight. For those of us who travel on business, airport lounges provide a tranquil environment in which to carry out work tasks. With plenty space to knuckle down, it’s ideal for those with hectic schedules.


A Channel 4 documentary went behind the scenes at Singapore Airlines and discussed how a flight can cost up to £9,500 one-way. For the price, you get your own private suite, with a bedroom, leather chair, wardrobe, ensuite bathroom, and 32-inch TV all at your beck and call. However, for those who can’t stump up thousands of pounds for a flight, the company does offer a range of considerably cheaper routes from the UK to Asia. Budget airlines are those such as easyJet and Ryan Air.


Hotels have fully discovered that offering added luxury can be crucial to gaining certain clientele. From private airport transfers to swim-up pool bars, all-inclusive option to complimentary snacks, they really do have it all. However, this isn’t for everyone and hotel companies know this. The star ratings are something hotel owners take pride in and being labelled a five-star resort can stand you head and shoulders above your competition.

If you go on a tour of Australia or Asia you’ll discover a vast amount of hostels that will enable you to keep costs to a minimum. Like the budget flights previously mentioned, there are plenty hotels, B&Bs, and apartments available across the globe that will suit any budget.

The Hilton hotel chain is well known — especially for its added comforts and luxurious surroundings. This has led to it often being voted the best hotel brand in the world.  From its 25 Waldorf Astoria properties around the globe which offer world-class service and signature accoutrements that define luxury, to its more affordable Homewood Suits that are ideal for longer stays, the brand has thought of it all.

According to travel company Trivago, you must offer plush pillows, soft and oversized bath towels, complimentary refreshments, full-size toiletries, and a welcome touch to help your guests feel ‘special’ in a luxury stay.  Outside of your sleeping zone, late checkout, poolside service, gourmet foods, spa rooms, and private cabanas all top the list of must-have gimmicks to make a stay even more luxurious.


To go one step further and travel in a whole new world of luxury, a journey on the Northern Belle is a must. While you may in some instances need to stand up for your train journey, booking a seat first class can see you enjoy a complimentary meal service.  The train holiday may be better known for interrailing around Europe on your gap year as a student, but with Planet Rail you can experience a luxury journey throughout Europe, including UK breaks.


The Audi A7 is a great example of how Audi uses its assets with its innovative design and sophisticated technology. With features to assist you as the driver, the model allows you to have a safer and simpler drive. With the likes of park assist providing surrounding and edge detection and cross traffic assist rear bringing visual support, you really can sit back and enjoy the ride.

While you can’t stretch your legs, you must ensure that your car is suitable to be sat in for a long period of time. There are many ‘luxury’ car manufacturers out there to consider, but with a literal translation of its slogan being ‘advantage through technology’ Audi is a great choice for anyone looking for that extra bit of comfort.


Luxury coaches can come in a variety of sizes, from 16-seaters upwards. Therefore, in the larger models, you can have the option of having on-board kitchen space — including the all-important filter coffee machine— and sumptuous armchair-style seats, so you really can relax as you take to the road. The likes of the Mega Bus is often utilised by students looking for cheap travels out of term time to return home at an affordable rate. The no-frills travel is perfect for getting from A to B, but for a holiday experience that offers a little bit more luxury, there are companies that can sort you right out. Many may think of the affable Brendan from television’s Coach Trip, or the budget-friendly National Holidays, but there are many options to travel in extreme style.

Of course, some forms of luxury travel may be out of reach for many of us, but there are definitely ways to travel in comfort. With a bit of research, you should be able to find a deal to suit your budget that incorporates a touch of fine living. Happy travels!

*check the airport’s information beforehand as some may differ.

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