Elegant Hotels for Your Stay in Canada

Any tourist out there knows finding a hotel can be hard especially if you are unfamiliar with your destination. When you are traveling to Canada things are not different. Let us look at it this way. You have done your research on places to visit once you arrive in Canada, right? However, you have forgotten to look for a hotel to stay in for the period you are visiting Canada. Don’t worry, in this article I have a list of hotels from different cities that will act as landing points before you familiarize with Canada.

Granville Island Hotel in Vancouver

Standing alone on Granville Island, this hotel is the true definition of elegance. The dining area has been designed to offer breathtaking views of the island as you enjoy your meal. The chandeliers, dining space, and French glass windows compliment the luxury that the hotel boasts of. A delicacy you will enjoy is seafood cuisines prepared by professional chefs. For one night, you will pay £84 which is a fair deal for a double room.

Lord Elgin Hotel in Ottawa

Do you remember the Home Alone 2 movie? The hotel which Kevin stayed? Well, the outward architectural design of Lord Elgin Hotel is the same as that of the home alone movie. The hotel is around the proximity of Ottawa city and other tourist attractions sights. If you are looking for a landing point before you understand the outline of Ottawa city, visit this Lord Elgin hotel and maybe, it will become your favorite hotel in Canada.

Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto

I have seen such a hotel front in a movie, but I can’t remember which movie is that. King Edward is very close to the city center making it a suitable hotel for tourists. If you love commuting with a subway, the hotel is near so no worries. For amenities, the hotel offers massage sessions, something I think is exciting for a tourist who is tired from traveling. Why won’t this be a perfect hotel for you in Toronto? I think it is worth it.

Albert at Bay Suite in Ottawa

Why two hotels in Ottawa? Well, Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and probably the main entry point to Canada through the air so in think it deserves it. Albert hotel not only has beautiful rooms but the architectural design of the whole building is on point. The hotel is located near the Supreme Court that is, in downtown Ottawa.  However, if you love smoking, you cannot smoke in the hotel rooms. One of the best hotels for you to visit when you tour Canada.

What Can We Say About Canada Eta?

People who are traveling by air and are visa-exempt are supposed to obtain a Canadian eta to be allowed into the country. It is only applicable to non-citizens of Canada. A Canada eta lifespan relies on your passport so it is important you take care of it.


Touring a place needs one to research and familiarize with the place before going there, and many people do that, but often they forget hotel booking and background checks. The hotels mentioned above are a few of the many hotels in Canada but will act as your landing points to Canada for a peaceful night after travel.


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