Exploring Capri in a Day

Only have a spare day in Capri? Don’t worry you can see a lot of this beautiful island if you plan your time correctly. Capri is a lovely little island not too far from Sorrento and Naples in Italy. That makes it the perfect location for a short day trip. Whether you’ve been dropped in the Bay of Naples and are looking for somewhere different to explore, or you’ve made the journey by land or air, Capri is definitely worth at least a day’s adventure. So what to do when you’re in Capri?

Here are my suggestion of the “must-see” destinations and how best to visit them. Bare in mind if you’re short on time, a VIP Capri in One Day Tour¬†might be your best option to ensure you don’t miss anything out. Here’s what we suggest doing in Capri in a day:


1) Arrive Early

Maximise your time in Capri. If you arrange a VIP tour to Capri, you’ll have your transfers taken care of which will really help ensure that you don’t waste too much time in transit. While the ferry ride is short, it can be hard coordinating different forms of transport when you’re only away for a day. If you’re traveling independently, be sure to check the schedules in advance to ensure that you arrive in time to make the most of the day.

2) Get a Great View

Capri is absolutely stunning and it’s important you find somewhere with incredible, expansive views so you can really appreciate this gem.

My suggestion would be to venture up to Villa San Michele which is a museum that used to be a home. From here you’ll find some of the best views of this island. I would avoid going in the midst of the day instead choosing to either explore here at the beginning of the day or towards dusk, so that you can take some incredible photos you’ll be able to treasure for years to come.


3) Don’t Miss the Blue Grotto

This is one of the few places in the world that is even more incredible in person than in photos. This is a pretty wide opening into the Capri island, the cave that has served as an important part of history since the Roman times. Come here in the afternoon, when the hoards of tourists have gone, and enjoy swimming in all its glory. If you do a tour of Capri, makes sure you find one that includes this as it may be one of the most memorable experiences you have.

Capri is a wonderful, bite-sized island to explore. Whether you choose do indulge in the convenience and splendour of a VIP tour or decide to go it alone, you’ll fall in love with this beautiful island and all the charm it offers.

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