How Much Does It Really Cost?

Planning how much money your trip will cost is one of the hardest things you can do before you travel. When you’re dealing with a new country, a new language, a new region of the world… well needless to say that it can be intimidating trying to plan your budget and how long you can afford to go for. 

My general rule is that I’ll spend around three times what I spend on my accommodation. That means if I stay in a very high end hotel, and want to eat at restaurants of a similar standard, and visit some attractions that it will probably cost me in total 3x the hotel rate. The same is true if you’re staying somewhere more on a budget and planning to eat in more budget restaurants or street vendors. 

Thankfully the Internet has opened up a new word of resources to help you with planning your travel and travel budgeting. I love to see what the cost of ‘standard’ things in countries around the world is, such as Big Macs or a decent latte coffee. This helps me get an idea of the general costs of the place so I can properly plan my budget. Although the following infographic is designed for my South African readers it’s still really fun if you’re from another country. You can easily convert the cost into your local currency to see what these common products are going to cost you in various countries around the world. 

So have a play, get an idea of the costs and start planning your next trip!


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