Exploring Central America

Though North America has more than its fair share of attractions, landmarks and natural wonders, the seven nations that make up Central America is packed with treasures too. Visitors considering travelling to Central America may find themselves struggling to decide where to go and what to do, and no one would blame them, there’s just so much to choose from. Central America has everything a seasoned traveller dreams of, from lush rainforests and forgotten Mayan ruins to stunning beaches and reefs.

Travel companies like Wexas work to provide their customers with affordable travel packages to places like Costa Rica, offering tourists a wide range of activities and experiences. Here are just some of the best places to visit in Central America.



Guatemala is the place for anyone that wants to explore the Mayan culture as well as colonial settlements. The nation is packed with natural beauty, to the point that it seems like another world. Visitors can take in the history of the area by visiting museums and the Mayan ruins, traversing the jungle and even exploring active volcanos.

Guatamela also has the advantage of being one of the cheaper regions, making accommodation and dining relatively inexpensive for visitors. Generally, this area is best for people looking for adventure and history, as this is what most of the activities revolve around.


Costa Rica

Arguably, Costa Rica is the most famous country in Central America, and the area offers endless hours of entertainment, adventure and excitement. Though more expensive than places like Guatemala, Costa Rica remains a vibrant and wonderful country to explore and is a must for anyone wanting to experience the heart of Central America. Travellers can enjoy beautiful national parks and wildlife reserves, taking the chance to see exotic creatures like Jaguars.

Though there is more than enough to do for any visit, travellers should definitely consider stopping off at San Jose, the capital and largest city in the country. Located in the centre of the country, the city is a thriving hub that has everything from shopping and night life to museums and educational centres.



Belize is the place for the adrenaline junkies out there and is known for its high-octane activities. There’s a wide range of wildlife on display, and the country’s rivers are perfect for people that want to experience sports like river rafting and tubing. The country is also home to stunning islands, such as Ambergris Cay, Belize’s largest island. Ambergris Cay sports incredible white-sanded beaches that are open to swimmers and snorkelers.

If you visit Ambergris Cay then you should also check out San Pedro, a town that serves as the island’s gateway. This town is ideal for anyone looking to sail or explore the beautiful reefs and marine wildlife.

This is only beginning to scratch the surface of what Central America has to offer, and with seven nations to explore visitors couldn’t hope to see everything in one journey.

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