Where to find some of Barcelona’s Best Boutiques

If you love going on city breaks with the aim of seeking out some of the world’s top spots for shopping, Barcelona should certainly be on your hit list. The Spanish city is home to all manner of outlets, from huge malls to quirky independent stores.

We’re going to take a look at some of its best boutiques, though, to give you an idea of where to head to if you’re searching for something that’s a little bit out of the ordinary.

As a quick tip before we get into the details, Born and Gracia are two of the most eclectic districts in the city and also where a fair few of its top boutiques are located – you may therefore want to look for accommodation in these areas and you’ll find a selection of options here.

Photo Credit: "Barcelona" by Jean-Marie ROUS on Flickr

Photo Credit: “Barcelona” by Jean-Marie ROUS on Flickr

Number Shoes
Where: Espaseria 7, Born-Ribera

Number Shoes is the place to come if you’re looking for the most unique footwear in the world. This charming little boutique specialises in collecting the best pieces from a host of outstanding shoemakers, with labels such as Ksubi, Swear and B Store gracing its shelves.

The footwear on offer is best described as interesting, so it’s not somewhere to come if you’re after a bog-standard pair of heels – think statement shoes that will make you stand out.

Where: Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla 46, Gracia

Coqueta is a multi-brand store where you can find all manner of fashion clothing at reasonable prices. Among the labels in the shop are Traffic People, Numph, Nice Things and Dolores Promesas.

This is the place to come for stylish clothes with a twist that make them that little bit different from your standard high street fare.

Where: Carrer de Bonavista 2, Gracia

Boo is a great place to go if you’re shopping with your partner as it’s got a great selection of men’s and women’s wear. There are plenty of well-known names on sale, including Paul Frank, Ben Sherman and Nudie Jeans, as well as lots of goods reminiscent of the 1950s – ideal if you’re into the retro look.

In addition to the clothes, accessories, homeware, art and books are also on offer, so this is a really varied and eclectic little store to explore.

Photo Credit: "Shopping in Barcelona" by Wolf Gang on Flickr

Photo Credit: “Shopping in Barcelona” by Wolf Gang on Flickr

I Love Kutchi
Where: Andrea Doria 41, Barceloneta

This is a fun and colourful boutique selling accessories and gifts that will make you smile. It’s got everything from bags and phone covers to notebooks and cuddly toys, so it’s a great place to let your inner child shine through.

You’ll love the vibrant colours and varied fabrics that are used in many of its creations – wonderful for finding a truly one-off piece to remind you of your shopping trip to Barcelona.

My Secret Showroom
Where: Carrer del Corretger, Born

My Secret Showroom isn’t a permanent boutique, it is in fact an event where you can pick up some amazing fashion items at hugely discounted prices (up to 80 per cent off the retail rate). These pop-up sales last for three to four days at a time and are held throughout the year, so it’s well worth looking out for them.

Be prepared to rummage through the varied clothes on offer and also be aware that there will usually be very limited numbers of each piece on sale. Among the top labels that often feature on the racks at My Secret Showroom are Sugarhill Boutique, Numph, Mimotica and Divinas Palabras.


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