The five food reflexes to take to protect cancer

The messages are based on the work of the National Cancer Institute (INCA) which showed that 40% of cancers could be prevented with better lifestyle. Swap thus beer against a green tea and cigarette against yoga. If the ravages of tobacco no longer need to be proven, not easy to find in the various dietary advice (avoid fatty, sweet, salty, meat etc.) to avoid developing cancer. David Khayat, oncologist at the Pitié Salpêtrière and co-author with her daughter ‘s anticancer kitchen (June 2016), details the five good reflexes to take.

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Eat varied. Despite many promising releases about miracle foods, the oncologist rectifies: “There is no food anticancer, but some are better than others. We can eat anything provided it does not abuse, “says Professor Khayat. That favour? Foods rich in antioxidants. Why? “A cell to find energy needs oxygen, explains the doctor. A portion of the oxygen, metabolized by the body, is transformed into free radicals. That may cause mutations in the base of most cancers. Or antioxidants block these free radicals and play the role of poison. Granada, turmeric, green tea, coffee, broccoli, selenium (in Brazil nuts), quercetin (in capers and lovage) form the top 7 foods rich in antioxidants. “A list to focus on, without excluding the rest. “It is unclear what causes cancer and is probably different for each person,” says David Khayat. By varying your menus, you protect yourself further.

Choosing the fish. For fish, the oncologist advises rather cod, sea bream, sole and other sardines. “For salmon, bluefin tuna and swordfish and whelks are highly contaminated with heavy metals. “With an additional red card for salmon,” it is rich in persistent organic pollutants (POPs) that last up to 20 years in your body, “says David Khayat.

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Attention to cooking! “Two cooking methods are clearly carcinogenic: wok and grill” said the oncologist. For reasons of heat “in a pan flat, food reaches 160 ° while they climb up to 350 ° in a wok or all oils become carcinogenic at this temperature. “Otherwise, the rule remains the same: boiled vegetables vary between a frying time to time, a flat vapor … Even if the best cooking technique proves to be ancient: braising, provided you have the time to do simmer over low heat for a beef bourguignon for example. and the best fat for cooking remaining olive oil. Provided they do not lather.

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