Forget About the Winter- Best Beaches in Israel

When many people think about escaping the winter, they picture places like Mexico, Fiji, or Hawaii. But if you haven’t yet heard, Israel has some amazing beaches waiting for you, and you’ll be telling all of your friends about this excellent winter destination.

Considering this country has three different seas and a lake, it’s easy to see why so many people are enjoying the beach life here, so here are some of the best beaches in Israel:

Coral Reef Beach

If you like to snorkel or scuba dive, Coral Reef Beach is located on the northernmost coral reef in the world, and you’ll be able to see this magnificent coral garden, along with the amazing creatures living in it. You can easily rent your equipment, jump off the pier into the warm water, and then spend some time lying on a lounger in the sun with a drink in your hand.

Dado Zamir Beach

This beach is located in central Haifa, and you’ll be able to stroll along the picturesque boardwalk, enjoying the pretty gardens, beachside coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants. If you’ve hired a care you’ll have free parking, and you can also watch the Israel folk dancing every Saturday. There’s also an amphitheatre here, along with playgrounds, sports, a pool for little kids, and wifi.

Metzitzim Beach

Located in northern Tel Aviv, this beach was once called Sheraton Beach, and later renamed after a classic Israeli film. The beach overlooks the S’de Dov airfield, and you’ll find a range of different people here every day. The man-made lagoon is calm and warm, and you’ll also find a playground and cafe if you’re planning to bring the kids.

If you head south out of the main area, you’ll find a religious section, with men and women admitted on alternating days of the week. This beach is one of the most inclusive around, and in the area you’ll also find a beach for dog-owners, and another area for gay sunbathers.

Beit Yannai Beach

This beach was restored in 1994, and transformed into a gorgeous nature reserve. It’s wheelchair-accessible, and the beach is in a perfect spot where a river meets the sea.

Many consider this beach to be the most beautiful in Israel, and you can watch the kitesurfers while you relax after taking a walk.

If you like to camp, there are restaurants, picnic tables, showers, and enough room for tents. You can also explore the area, and the Israel Parks and Nature Authority has left information around the area so you can learn about the beach and wildlife.

The whole area smells divine thanks to the eucalyptus grove nearby, and you’ll also find ancient ruins waiting to be explored.

As you can see, there are many different beaches waiting for you in Israel- and these are just a few! If you’re desperate to escape the cold weather, check out some cheap flights to Tel Aviv and explore some of these beautiful beaches.

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