The places you should visit in Vietnam

The long country of Vietnam is a must-visit for anyone wanting a taste of Asia, and if you’re considering whether you should spend your next holidays in Vietnam, the answer is yes!

Vietnam has a long and dark past, but has evolved from a brutal, war-torn land to one of the most popular and enchanting destinations in Asia.

Here are the places you should definitely visit when you travel to Vietnam:

Ho Chi Minh

Also known as Saigon, you’ll find this hot, noisy, crowded, and smelly city overwhelming at first, but all of these things combine to give it a charm rarely seen elsewhere. You’re taking your life into your hands when you cross the road, but the trick is to not hesitate- follow the locals and you’re likely to live through it. This is a city that’s popular with expats, with lots of interesting spots waiting to be explored, a great nightlife, fun night markets, and delicious food.


Hoi An

If you like to shop, you’ll love Hoi An, which is jam packed with different tailors and stores which can sort you with new threads for much cheaper than you’d find at home. The town has some of Vietnam’s best food, including melt-in-your-mouth dumplings, and many other bars and restaurants, along with a historic old town which you should spend some time exploring.

Halong Bay

Whatever you do, don’t skip Halong Bay. This UNESCO World Heritage Site should be on every traveller’s list, and it’s known as one of the world’s most stunning natural wonders. The best way to explore is by taking a cruise, and there are many different types of cruises for you to choose from, with different operators and catering to different budgets.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is the place to go when you really just want to lie on the beach. Sure, you’ll be dealing with hawkers all day, but you’ll also be able to enjoy drink special, a comfortable chair, plenty of great restaurants, and of course, that long, white beach.


Vietnam’s capital is a popular sport for backpackers, and it’s here where you can get up close to the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh. Once you’ve done that, head to one of the many cheap bars to meet other tourists and locals, and spend a few bucks on top-notch food.


If you haven’t yet heard of “Little Paris”, keep it secret from everyone else. The city was popular amongst the French colonials, who definitely made the city unique as they left it with the incredible architecture still seen today. If you’re sick of sweltering in the heat, Dalat is the place to go since it’s cooler year-round, and a great place to relax, wander, take photos of the interesting buildings, and maybe even find a nice park and a good book.

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