How Hotels Can Offer A Better Travel Experience For Guests

An exceptional hotel experience isn’t always easy to find. Hotels are overwhelmed with large numbers of guests and have a lot on their plates. This doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to not always be exhibiting exceptional customer service. Guests deserve the utmost respect at all times no matter the situation.

There are simple adjustments hotels can make to make it a better overall travel experience for everyone. It requires a focus on doing what they already do, but doing it better and implementing a few changes. Visitors are spending their hard-earned money and deserve to be wowed. See how hotels can offer a better travel experience for guests.


Booking a hotel at a discounted rate or winning a prize for an overnight stay always puts a smile on a customer’s face. Hotels should start offering more reductions and putting their information out to the businesses who can offer gift certificates to their employees and customers. It’s easy using a free online gift certificate template that guides you through the design process. Choose a size, theme, image and text, and you’re all finished. Simply download and print the gift certificate to distribute to the people of your choosing.

Safety Tips

Safety is very important when traveling, especially for those who are alone. Hotels should present safety tips to their guests at check-in or in their room when they arrive. It’s important the list includes tips for the local vicinity and city. The hotel needs to do a better job of communicating what the traveler should be looking for in and around the hotel and about any safety features in the room. This is an important topic that requires more attention, so everyone stays safe when traveling. It’s the responsibility of the traveler to be smart, but helpful for the hotel to contribute their knowledge and tips in the matter.


Hotels could be doing more with technology. Mobile bookings are on the rise and hotels should take advantage of this by ensuring their site is mobile-friendly and advertising to travelers via their phones. Hotels with mobile apps can communicate with their travelers ahead of time regarding maps, check in details and notifications. Self check-in lines are ideal for travelers who are in a rush or prefer to handle the process themselves. It’s quicker and nicer for those who prefer a self-sufficient process. Live chat is also a great feature for guests to quickly get in touch with a staff member who can answer their question.

Hotel Happy Hour

Hotels should offer more receptions and happy hours as a way to say thank-you to the guests staying in their hotel. It’s also a great way to bring together anyone who’s staying in the hotel alone and may not know anyone in the area. Providing this complementary service improves the travelers experience and isn’t much of an inconvenience to the hotel. They could make it easy on themselves and schedule it as a weekly event.


Not all hotels are created equal. Some are more ahead of the game than others, but it’s smart to always be adjusting and understanding what the customer wants. These are ways how hotels can offer a better travel experience for guests.

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