5 Solo Travel Tips

Traveling solo can be heaps of fun, especially if you approach it with the right attitude. There’s quite a few benefits, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want and don’t have to spend your precious holiday days doing things that don’t interest you. Because you will be alone, you’ll push yourself out of your comfort zone and meet new people. There’s also a special feeling about being in a new place where you know absolutely no one; a clean slate you can paint with any experiences you like. Here are 5 solo travel tips to ensure your next solo adventure is one to remember!

1. Consider a Single’s Holiday
A single’s holiday is a great idea because you’ll meet other people traveling by themselves, without any effort except booking the holiday. There’s a bunch of options, short trips, trips throughout the UK and international destinations. It’s a great way to get started traveling solo, especially if it’s your first overseas experience. If you’re nervous about traveling along, try a singles holiday abroad.

2. Stay in Hostels
Afraid of the idea of sleeping in a hostel? Well, they’re not as bad as some movies make them seem. These are a great option because you may even find some awesome friends in your dorm room. If you’re a light sleeper and concerned about sharing a room, consider a private room in a hostel, generally about half the price of a hotel, you’ll meet a bunch of people while having the privacy you crave.

3. Use Couchsurfing to Meet People
You don’t have to actually Couchsurf on Couchsurfing if it’s not your thing. There’s heaps of meet-ups around the world, as well as specific groups for cities around the world. Check out the Couchsurfing group for your next destination to see if there are any events you would like to join. You’ll likely meet a mixture of locals, expats and travellers, which is really fun.

4. Be Approachable
If you’re glued to your phone every moment of your trip, you may not meet many people. But if you’re engaging with your environment and the people around you, you may be surprised by the number of great friends you come home with. Consider reading a book in a restaurant if you’re eating alone, rather than staring at your phone. Being more approachable will make other travellers more comfortable approaching you and if you’re feeling bold, feel free to reach out to other travellers for ‘tips’ – you never know where the conversation may go.
5. Do Activities
If you do activities where they are day tours or longer tours, you’ll be mixed with a random assortment of people, ensuring that you have a lot of potential friends! Often it’s cheaper to do the activity independently, depending on what it is, but doing a short tour at the start of the trip is a sure way to make some new friends that could turn into travel buddies!

Traveling by yourself is such a great experience, if you’re thinking about it, don’t hesitate any more and start booking!

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