How Do I Create Travel-Themed Photo Prints for Home Décor?

One of the things that will always draw your attention to photography when you travel on vacation or for other purposes is the unique experience. Every place on earth with the people, the landscape, and the culture, is unique. No two places on earth are exactly the same, and so are the experiences.

Introducing travel photos into your home décor in form of beautiful photo prints is a good way to help your vacations keep on giving you beautiful memories.

What is a photo print?

A photo print is any photo item you create through a printing process. Creative photo prints help you to transform digital photos into a physical image for your home décor.


This article will teach you how you can make your travel-themed photo prints for your home décor. Keep reading!

1. Choose Your Favorite Travel Pictures

During your long vacation, you have taken a lot of pictures. Do you want to print out all these pictures? No! Not possible. Therefore, you will need to select your favorite photos you intend to print from the thousands of images you’ve taken from your trips.

It might include your family pictures, your pictures, and those beautiful landmarks. However, it’s challenging to pick your best images from the ones you have snapped during your trips, as they will all look daring to you. 

2. Get a Suitable Printing Service

Your photos need a beautiful display rather than just a mobile screen or social media show. It would help transform those beautiful snapshots from your trips into photo prints that you can showcase in your room to add more life to those blank walls. Hence look for a quality printing service that can deliver excellent jobs that you desire.

3. Ensure the Quality and Size of Your Photo Prints

It would help if you had larger-sized photos hang where you can easily see them at a distance. There is no need to print small images if you can’t view them from afar unless you walk a kilometer before viewing them.

Therefore, you can get photo prints of at least size 16×20 so that you can enjoy them from across the room.

4. Choose a Good Background Color

The background is what puts the stage for your entire composition. Thus, an effective or quality background will add to the story, giving valuable information about your settings and enabling you to enhance your photo. Therefore, ensure you focus on the background as much as you focus on your subject.

5. Consider Your Frame Choice and Print Your Photo

Selecting a suitable frame for your printing is necessary to give you a quality print. You can choose a dark and beautiful frame to sharpen your image. However, you can use a blonde timber frame to soften and mellow.

To enhance small-scale works, you can get a more oversized shadow box frame, and it will help you create more negative space and make the image stand out.

6. Hang Your Piece

Planning the layout of your photo print is essential. You can use paper to build frame templates and incorporate them into your home wall to check out how it fits the wall. Finally, when you want to hang, try to use the picture hanger tool and avoid hammering multiple times.

Wrapping Up

The steps explained in this piece might help you bring a little bit of the world into your home. Hence in your next vacation, try to explore some of these décor tips and incorporate them into your home. Which piece do you have in mind to introduce into your room?

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