Prepper, Prepping, and Prepper Foods

During emergency situations, food is the next most essential must-have after water. Food and water are essential for our survival. Food is where we can get the nutrients and energy we need to survive. Foods that prepper and survivalists prepare are called prepper foods.

Prepper foods are shelf-stable foods that a prepper prepares in case of life and death situations. Prepper foods are foods that are still safe and okay to eat even if accidentally submerged in floodwaters. They can even last for a long period of time. 

Prepper and Prepper Foods

A prepper is a person who prepares and hoards essential things that are compulsory to survive major disasters and cataclysms such as pandemics. 

There are three common categories of prepper foods that a prepper prepares even before emergency strikes.

Canned Goods

Canning is a process of preserving foods to prolong their shelf life. This process may increase or decrease the nutrient contents of the foods during the canning process. 

Canned goods such as canned fruits, meat, and fish can be included in your list of prepper foods. 

Pantry Staples

These are foods that are easier to store and are eaten in routine throughout the year. Pantry staple foods if stored properly can have a long shelf life. It includes basic spices, seasonings, sauces, spreads, flavorings, dressings, and grains.

Grains such as rice can last up to 30 years if properly stored. They contain carbohydrates, which is a basic source of energy. People need energy during distressful times.

You can also include in your prepper foods some oats. Oats are healthy and can be a source of nutrients. They can last for many years if correctly stored. 

Pasta is also a good choice and rich in carbohydrates. They may not last longer than rice and oats, but proper storage can prevent them from spoiling faster than usual.

Freeze-Dried Foods

The freeze-drying process removes the food moisture to prolong its shelf life. Freeze-dried foods can last up to 30 years. Some of the best freeze-dried foods include dried beans, dried lentils, dried peas, and other dried fruits, vegetables, and meats. 

Other best and recommended prepper foods that your pantry should contain in the case of food shortage or another emergency happens are nuts, jerky, peanut butter, power bars, crackers, and seeds for planting in case you needed additional sources of food.

Aside from foods, bottled water should also be included alongside these prepper foods. Water is the most essential thing that we need to survive. 

Importance of Prepper Foods

Prepping is a preparation done by preppers because they wanted to be prepared enough before a crisis or pandemic happens. 

Whenever an emergency situation strikes, securing food for us and for our families is our top priority. We go shopping once or twice a month for our needs, and food supplies but when a disaster or an emergency strikes, there’s no left to consume because we just buy what we need.

A lot of preppers survived in the recent pandemic that the world is experiencing until now without even bothering to go outside. They are not bothered by closed supermarkets or grocery stores because they already have what they needed even before the pandemic starts.

Luckily, nowadays, we have a lot of prepper food options to choose from. You can get them from your favorite local supermarkets or you can get them online for more convenient shopping. 

And if you are looking for prepper foods, you can find a variety of prepper food you can include in your emergency supplies list on this site. Be a prepper, start preparing now and plan for your future ahead.

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