How to Choose a new Camera

It can be hard to choose a new camera. Some people are dedicated Canon fans, while others will only buy Nikon. Everyone has an opinion, and speaking to the every day photographer can leave you feeling confused.

I have an entry level DSLR, and it still has the kit lens, so I haven’t done as much experimentation with it as I would like. There are also tons of new cameras on the market which are lighter than ever, waterproof, or even part of a smartphone.

Here are some tips for choosing a new camera:


Think about your needs

How often will you be using the camera? Will it just be for special occasions? Or are you anticipating that you’ll be carrying it with you constantly? It’s important to think about how often you’ll be using it and where you’ll be taking it before you make a purchase.

If you travel often and consider yourself quite the photographer you may want to invest in a bigger lens, however if you travel a lot but photography is just for fun you may not want to be carrying around a huge camera bag.

Also think about who else will be using the camera. If you’re planning to get a DSLR with all the bells and whistles, you may need to commit some time to teaching your significant other or kids how to use it if you ever want to be in any of the photos.

Talk to some friends

If you’ve got the same photography skill level as a few of your friends, consider talking to them about which cameras they’ve been using, and whether they would recommend it. Often the best decisions are made by word of mouth, and you may even get to play with a camera you had never considered before, and it might meet all of your needs.

Do your research

Buying a camera is often a big decision, and it can be a pricy one. To avoid buyers remorse, be sure to look online at plenty of reviews, and see what type of lenses your potential cameras take, what you can do with it, how portable it is, and how heavy it is.

Clifton Cameras are a great source for advice, and they also post informative and helpful videos just like the one below about different cameras, along with reviews so you can get an idea of what type of camera will meet your needs.

Research is fun, and can add to the anticipation when it comes to buying a new camera. You may learn more about the camera by reading the reviews that if you read the users guide!

Dont worry about getting the best

There’s no way to tell which camera is best, and a higher resolution or bigger zoom won’t make one camera better than another. It’s rare that one camera will beat all of the others in features, design, performance and photo quality, and often you have to choose which things are the most important for you.


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