Bring your holiday home with you: incorporating European décor designs at home

No matter where you go in Europe you’ll bring back wonderful memories of what you’ve seen. European countries have an ancient history, with centuries of developed landscapes (think of the vineyards of France and Italy) and the most exquisite architecture.

The influence of local culture

When you’ve visited some of the iconic cities and towns of Europe, witnessed the stunning architecture first-hand, and stayed in beautifully designed and comfortable accommodations, you might wish that you could add some of that European feel to your own home.

It’s hard to leave behind your European cultural experiences. The antiquity of Greece, the Renaissance architecture of Italy, and the quaint towns and villages of France with their medieval and Roman roots; however, there are many ways to incorporate European décor into your own home.


Feature France

Elegant French styles combine provincial patterns with beautiful fabrics, and popular choices that you can bring into your décor include softer colors together with decorative trims and pretty fringes. You’re looking for elegance; so when it comes to bedding, think toile, a timeless print that lends a real touch of class to your room. Put it onto an antique bed and you’ve instantly recreated that wonderful hotel room you stayed in.

For your kitchen, consider a casual wood-inlay pattern for the floor and complement it with glazed blue cabinets to achieve the country character and old-world style you enjoyed so much.

Italian inspiration

Rome wasn’t built in a day; so don’t rush your decorating. Think of what you found most striking and attractive about Italy, and then work out how to include it in your home. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fit in a Venetian canal, but when you look back at the houses and grand buildings in the City of Bridges, one aspect that always comes to mind are the shutters on the windows. Shutters are used to keep out the intense heat, to regulate light, and to allow in cooler breezes when temperatures are right.

You’ll have seen many Full Height Shutters, not just in Italy, but also in many other countries in Europe. They’re chic, and add a great European look to your window coverings. You could also add the classic terracotta floor tiles to one or two rooms to accentuate the Italian style.


Adventures ahead

Whichever country you have visited and have been excited by the stylistic European aspects of interior décor, you have every opportunity to do something about it in your home. Bring back some of the magic you experienced, whether it’s furnishings, the colors of the Mediterranean with its soft blues and yellows, or some ornaments that remind you of your time away. Then you’ll have Europe on your doorstep.


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