How to Save Money While Traveling this year

If you’re ready to go on a big holiday, you may be concerned about how much it will cost you. There’s nothing worse than cutting your trip short, and not being able to do all of the things you want because you’ve run out of money.

Take a longer trip

This may seem strange, but it works out much cheaper to take one long trip a year than to take multiple short ones. When you think about how much it costs for return flights and then multiply that by several destinations per year you can see why it would be cheaper to travel once, and visit a few different countries.


Use Points

If you don’t have an air points credit card yet, you should. Many of these cards offer bonuses for signing up or spending a certain amount within the first few months. Use the card for your everyday purchases such as groceries and gas, and you’ll find those points add up quickly. You may even end up getting your flights for free, just ensure you’re paying that off each month.

Travel to a cheaper destination

If you’re planning to head to the Maldives, Paris, or Amsterdam, your money just won’t go as far as you think it will. Accommodation, food, water, public transport, and tours may make you feel like your wallet has a hold in it.

Instead, consider visiting Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Bulgaria, or Hungary. If you use those air points you’ll find that you’ll have an even cheaper holiday. You may find yourself feeling surprised by just how cheap the travel is in these countries, and your food and accommodation will sometimes add up to less than $20 a day.

Dont Overpack

Often we think we need far more things than we do when we’re traveling. If you can, commit to traveling carryon and you’ll probably never go back. Almost anything you’re looking for can be found overseas for a cheaper or similar price, and you’ll be able to get off the plane and go directly to your hostel or hotel.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of traveling carry on, check for numerous tips an articles online which can show you the best way to travel carry on.


Transfer your money before you go

One way to save money is to transfer it before you leave. If you transfer your money internationally you’ll have all of your money ready to go when you arrive and won’t need to go to a bank, get ripped off by local currency converters, or lose a lot of money changing it at the airport.

Take a Road Trip:

A road trip can be a great way to save money on a holiday, especially if you’re traveling as a family or a group of friends. If the weather is good, why not consider camping to cut costs even further. If you’re planning a road trip, don’t forget to check how your tyres are doing and if you have to replace them, consider buying tyres online at  or for serious savings.

Travel Slowly

The more you move around while you’re traveling, the more expensive it becomes. Plus when you travel slowly you’ll have more chances to make friends with the locals, experience each destination, and get off the beaten path. There’s nothing worse than spending a night in each town and feeling like they’ve all blurred into one, and you’re a contestant on The Amazing Race.

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