Keeping fit on your travels

If there’s one thing most people find hard when traveling, it’s keeping in shape. No matter how fit you are when you go traveling, you’ll often find that just a few weeks later your jeans are tight and you’re getting puffed climbing the stairs.

One thing I’ve noticed is that when you’re on holiday it’s easy to justify indulging, since you’ve got the opportunity to try new foods you may never have tried before. However if you’re traveling for more than a few days you’ll soon find that your waistline and budget are both getting out of control.

It can be hard to keep fit while traveling, especially if you’re staying in hostels and don’t have a fancy gym or health centre in your hotel. I also find it challenging dealing with all of the extra laundry from working out-if I’m backpacking I’ll usually only take one set of clothes and then they need to get washed and dry before I can use them again.


However one thing I’ve learned is that it’s not necessary to do a traditional workout every day. The most important thing is to watch what I’m putting in my mouth and at least be a little active most days.

I find it easiest to skip breakfast, or eat a later brunch in the morning, as this saves money and means I’m not starting the day with a big breakfast that I may or may not burn off. I also like to see what there is to do in the area outdoors. Swimming, hiking, or taking a bike around town are all excellent ways to get some exercise in, or you could see if they have any interesting classes in your area like yoga or martial arts.

If I’m staying somewhere for more than a week it can be nice to see if there is a gym close by and buy a few day passes or a pass for a week. Once I’ve bought them I know I need to use them within a certain amount of time which helps to motivate me.


Some people like to get their workout done first thing in the morning, which can definitely be a good way to ensure you’re exercising every day, however I hate mornings so I like to be active in the late afternoon when it’s cool. One of my favourite things to do is to take a run through my new city, with a great playlist. This is an awesome way to see neighbourhoods which you might otherwise miss, and you’ll have your camera on your phone ready for any unexpected photo opportunities.

Another good idea is to consider taking some supplements. I find that my nutrition can really suffer when I’m traveling, and no one wants to work out when they feel unhealthy, so supplements also help me to keep fit on my travels.

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