How long does a UK Passport application take

When applying for a passport, there are some processing times to keep in mind for when you should receive your paperwork. When using either a passport or visa service make sure to give yourself enough time for processing so that your intended travel plans are not delayed.

According to Gov.UK, it should take a maximum of three weeks to get your passport back after sending off your application for a passport renewal. If you are applying for a passport for the first time, this can take up to six weeks. This window is a rough guestimate however, and is subject to vary depending on certain extenuating circumstances. If your application has not been filled out correctly or you have not submitted the required supporting documents, that three-week or six-week window may be exceeded.


When filling out the hard copy of the passport application, there are directions throughout which will guide you through each section of the form. Make sure to fill out the application form with legible black ink. If you are unsure or have doubts about how to fill out the passport application form, look into online tips and help services to clarify the directions.

Section one of the passport application form requires you to state which type of passport you will be applying for. Each section that applies to you should be ticked with a black ink pen.

The second section of the passport deals with your personal information such as surname, address, and birth date. Since this section is about your personal information, all boxes should be correctly filled in. Make sure that each box contains one letter or figure, and that all of the relevant information is the most current.

The next section in the passport application asks about any past passports or identity documents such as your National Insurance Number. The following section also asks about your family members such as parents or partners. If you are unsure about any required information, you may want to contact the HM Passport Office and receive help from within.


If you have been granted a certificate of registration and naturalization, you will need to fill out section five of the passport application form. This section is quite short and straightforward. If this doesn’t apply to you, tick the appropriate box and move on to the next sections.

If this application form is for children aged 12 to 15 years old, they are required to fill out and sign section six of the form. Their signature alone will not be valid on the application form and will require a supplementary signature from a parent or legal guardian.

There is a blank page in section seven and should remain blank when you send in your passport application. The next section is a space for you to include any additional information that is relevant to your passport application.


The declaration page in section nine of the application form requires a signature that you have read all the rules required by HM Passport Office and that they agree to the terms. This page should be read thoroughly as well as signed and dated with black ink pen.

The final stage of your passport application is to get a countersignature in section ten. The counter signataries have to be professional and must provide their personal contact information for reference.

Along with the application, you must submit two passport-sized photographs of yourself that are recent in date. Overall, the application form should not take you over a few days to complete from start to finish, but it is important to take your time and read all instructions carefully before sending off the final application package to the Passport Office.

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