Keeping Good Habits: Watching Your Waistline as a Business Traveler

If you’re like a lot of business travelers, you come home a few pounds heavier than you were before you left. For a regular business traveler, those few pounds can add up. While traveling, it can feel natural to pile your plate with extravagant buffet foods and drink more than usual while overlooking your normal fitness routines. Instead of doing that, follow a few simple tricks to watch your waistline even when on the road.

Biz travel doesn’t have to make you fat

A recent study showed that 86 percent of business travelers gain weight while away from home. In fact, study respondents reported that they put on a pound and a half for each week away. For a person who travels several times per year, this can mean a hefty (and avoidable) weight gain, says Business Travel Life magazine.

One of the best things you can do for your fitness regime is to plan ahead. Call the airlines and reserve a meal that suits your dietary requirements. Research menus at local restaurants before you go to ensure they serve foods that agree with your health plan. Ask for salad dressing and sauces on the side, so you can choose your own portion. Pack your walking shoes, and use them often while you are on any business trip.

Beware the airport lounge 

A typical business class airport lounge offers plentiful freebies, including snacks, cookies, and liquor. These are all nice treats, but if you indulge too often, you are sure to pack on pounds whilst traveling on business. If cocktails are offered, enjoy a no-carb vodka with club soda and a wedge of lime and whatever you do, stay away from creamily blended pina colada or super-sweet cocktails.

When free cookies or tasty pastries are offered, say no thanks and tuck into a healthful, home-packed snack instead. Trail mix, dried fruit, almonds, and crackers with nut butter are far better choices and won’t deep-six your diet, advise travel gurus at CBS News. Put enough waistline-friendly snacks into your carry-on bag to tide you over on extended flights, too.

While you are waiting for your flight to be announced, wander about and do a bit of window shopping. Walking in lieu of sitting burns calories and may make it easier to sleep on your flight once you are airborne.

Go for healthy lodging options

When you go away on business, be sure to book lodging at hotels that provide an on-site gym. When you don’t have to leave the premises to enjoy a morning workout, you are likelier to start your day right. Many modern hotels join the Marriott Long Wharf in their commitment to providing health benefits along with clean, comfy rooms.

Of course, you don’t want to starve yourself at home or while away on business. Practice moderation, indulge infrequently and work some exercise into your daily routine to stay in shape no matter how far or how often you travel.

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