How to Live Like a Local on a Trip to London

London is one of the greatest cities in the world: it’s big and sprawling, jam packed with such a rich history and there’s no shortage of great things to do here. Many travellers tick off a list of must-do things and leave London not really knowing what it’s like to live here. They skim the surface and make their way through their Tripadvisor-curated list. While there’s nothing wrong with that – if that’s what you’re into – I personally love to visit cities around the world and imagine how life would be like for me if I was living there. Of course, I visit some tourist attractions, but for the most part I try to slot into life, eat where the locals eat, drink where they drink and try to get a bit of an insight as to what life is really like in London.

Headed to London and want to get off the beaten track? What to see the city through a different lens? Well use these tips and you’ll be able to live like a London local, if even for a few days.

1. Stay in Furnished Apartments
If you’re really craving a sense of living in London, then there’s no better way to achieve that than to live in aLondon Serviced Apartment. You’ll have a small kitchen so you can cook for yourself, or at least make breakfast sometimes. When compared to hotels, serviced apartments have so much more space, often containing a living area, laundry space and a lot more privacy when compared to a hotel room. They can be your home away from home and get you slotted quickly into London life!

2. Check Out this Handy App
SACO – the serviced apartment company have come up with this awesome app that helps you plan your trip to London. It’s so easy to use, just select how many days you have to explore this great city and it will display an itinerary that fits your allotted time slot perfectly. You’ll find a pretty good balance between more touristy things and things local would do, ensuring that you get to see both sides of London. My favourite thing about the app is how easy it is to use. The suggestions are also within a pretty small radius of each other, allowing you to easily get between suggestions.

3. Eat & Drink With Locals
In almost every city in the world, there are restaurants and bars that exist mostly for tourists. These are fun of course, but tend to be overpriced for the quality they offer. You can use the above-mentioned app to find some suggestions of great restaurants, bars and cafes. If you need more suggestions, head to the Couchsurfing forums for London and ask a local for their favourite tips. This is a great way to see something a little different.

London is a wonderful city to visit and by using these three simple tips you’ll find yourself enjoying a more authentic trip to London, if that’s what you’re hoping for!

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