The Isle of Wight: Places to Help you Enjoy your Fullest

The Isle of Wight is a traveler’s paradise located just off the south coast of England. With an approachable distance of less than two hours from London, this perfect holiday destination is the largest, second most populous British isle. The island contains many promising places for adventurers and hold annual music festivals to attract the tourists. Below are some top places according to holiday cottage experts, Blue Chip Holidays for the families to enjoy.

Shaklin Seaside Town

On an island filled with a number captivating destinations, Shaklin never fails to stand out. This seaside resort is an amalgamation of traditional and modern styles. You’ll get some of everything; the sea, the rocks, the subtropical vegetation, architectural buildings and a beautiful view. There is nothing stopping you if you feel like swimming in the sandy beaches of Shaklin, admire the picturesque view from their beach huts or stroll down the town to shop for any souvenir.

The sandstone grounds make way towards Ventnor (another famous seaside resort) while opening up to some gorgeous seascapes. Shaklin promenade is a hub of entertainment and games; from some traditional seaside games to bowling and arcade gaming zones. Food vendors and kiosks are everywhere offering mouth-watering delights from ice-cream to seafood. A new mini theme park- Pirates Cove has been launched recently in Shaklin, providing a whole new level of entertainment to the families.

The Isle of Wight Adventure Activities Booking Center

Give your adventure a boost by planning your activities with the Isle of Wight Adventure Activities. The booking center is located at Afton Park in Freshwater. The Adventure Activities entertain adventurers for seven days a week all year round. You can select from almost 30 best outdoor activities to enjoy. Whether you’re in for a kayak surfing session, archery in the woods, cliff diving, coasteering, zorbing, tree climbing, biking downhill or day touring, Adventure Activities have all the good stuff in store for you.

The company is here to make sure that the visitors get the full experience of Isle of Wight. They cater to different groups from families to school groups and even hag parties. The company also facilitates its customers with free parking, café, archery range and Gyro.   

Magical Theme World of Blackgang Chine

As the name itself has an ancient ring to it, Blackgang Chine is one of the oldest amusement parks in the UK. It will teleport you into a world filled with life-sized Pirate Ships, moving dinosaurs, cowboys and fairies. Escape the dangers of life-sized dinosaurs, become a sheriff of a cowboy town, rule your own princess castle and let your imagination go wild in this enchanted theme park.

Recently, they launched an underwater kingdom in Blackgang Chine to give you the true feel of shipwrecks, storm lashed shores and underwater creatures. Discover underwater caves, brightly coloured coral reefs and animatronic sea life as you dive deep into the blue. You can also sight the biggest mammal in the world, the blue whale! It just can’t get any cooler than this.

After satisfying your excitement, you can satisfy your hunger with onsite stalls of different scrumptious street food. You can get a range of delicious hotdogs, burgers, ice-creams and donuts right on the spot.    

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