Long Haul Travel Tips for the Impatient Traveller

I’ve done my fair share of ridiculously long trips, especially in the name of saving money. Like that one time I decided to take a bus from Prague to London instead of flying. If you’re curious, that trip was almost 22 hours long – eep. Even if you’ve got a bit more money to throw around at travel, there is unfortunately a lot of time spent waiting. While flying will tend to save you a lot of time when compared to other means of transport, flying long haul is still wait it’s own challenges, especially actually being on the plane for half a day or longer. If you’re an impatient person and want some tips for how to make traveling long haul more bearable, read on:

1. Don’t Rely On The Plane’s For Entertainment

Have you even been stuck on a seat on a plane with a screen that didn’t work? I have, and it’s not fun, especially if it’s a flight over two hours. For that reason I always ensure my iPad and laptop are fully charged and loaded with things to watch or listen to in case I’m stuck in an unlucky seat. I also really enjoy having Audiobooks to listen to while on the plane, as they’re something I can do to entertain myself while I close my eyes and get some rest. This is especially useful if you’re someone who can’t sleep on the plane. 

2. Consider Meditation

Not necessarily on the plane, but if that’s your jam go for it. But if you know you have a long haul flight coming up and find yourself feeling impatient in general, now could be a good time to start. We live in a “Need it Now” kind of society where we can buy something with a click of a button from our couch, and we can watch whatever show, whenever we want. Traveling can be extremely frustrating, especially when their are delays or cancellations, so having the mental fortitude to be able to deal with it can go a long way. In a recent study by 4imprint, it was revealed that more than 80% of adults consider themselves impatient and 1/3 of respondents have said that the chaos of modern life has made them more impatient, too. Meditation can help you relax when things are chaotic or not going how you expected, which is especially useful with longer trips. 

3. Take Snacks

I always find my patience runs even thinner if I’m hangry. Food tends to be expensive in airports, and on planes it’s even more pricey and often not very good. If you find that your mood gets crabbier when you’re dealing with hunger pain, then a few high fat or high protein snacks will do you a world of good. Think about things that travel well, such as nut bars, cheese sticks, or even protein bars. You’re going to want to take things that are small and wont make a big mess. 

4. Try to Get Some Sleep

One of the best ways to make time go faster, so you don’t feel like you’re trapped waiting, is to get some sleep. Sleeping through as much of the flight as possible will help make the flight feel like it flew by. It can be pretty hard to sleep on a plane, so taking a few simple aids along with you can make a huge difference. I always travel with magnesium supplements to help me sleep, an eye mask to block out all the lights and ear plugs so it can dull the the busyness of the plane. Being prepared to sleep on the plane can make it a lot easier to get some rest, and to help the time pass faster. 

If you’re someone with tight deadlines to meet, then you’re going to understand more than anyone how much this can affect your patience levels. Due to the success of their 1 Day Express catalogue, which was curated for those with extremely tight deadlines, 4imprint decided to look into the impact this culture has on British businesses. They found that more than 80% of workers are expected to deliver instant results at work, while 20% say they’re expected to adapt to new systems faster than is possible. Using a fast turn around service will ensure there’s one less thing on your plate to worry about at work. 

Traveling is such a wonderful luxury, but can often feel extremely challenging especially when you’re on a plane for almost an entire day. Use these tips to maximise your enjoyment and comfort on the plane and to help you feel more patient with the long travel hours. 

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