Must see places in Ontario

Ontario is the second largest province in Canada and has enough things to do and see that will keep any traveller busy for months on end. It’s home to some of the most pristine provincial and national parks in Canada making it a complete adventurers playground. Here are my top must see places of this beautiful region. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, Waterloo hotels have a great range of rooms to suit every style of traveller!


Niagara Falls

You can’t go to Ontario without visiting the famous Niagara Falls. There is something so humbling about watching the shear force of water behind this beautiful natural wonder. If you want to enjoy the falls without the craziness of tourists everywhere, then I suggest going at sunrise. Not only do you get a spectacular view of the sun coming up over the horizon on the falls but you aren’t fighting with other tourists for a good viewing spot. If you can’t make it for sunrise then at least be sure to stay on in the evenings to watch the free fireworks display that are put on over the Summer and Winter periods.


Thousand Islands

Stretched over an 80KM area of the St Lawrence river, is the beautiful scenic region known as the Thousand Islands. This is the perfect place to come and relax and get away from the larger city areas of Ontario during the summer months. Here you will find beautiful scenic cottages, keen boaters and pure relaxation as you sit back enjoy the sheer natural beauty of this region. I definitely recommend taking a cruise through the maze of islands and soaking it all in.


National parks and provincial parks

Ontario is home to many provincial and national parks, offering access to some of the most spectacular scenery in the Ontario region. For boating and diving head on down to the coast and explore the Georgian Bay Islands National Park or the Fathom Five National Marine Park. Here you will be offered beautiful coastlines, clear waters, picturesque fishing villages and much more. Or of you like canoeing and hiking then head south to the lakes and forests in Killarney Provincial Park or the Bruce Peninsula National Park, home to beautiful lakes and trekking walks. Whatever your outdoor hobby Ontario has something to offer you.


Ontario Wine Route

Whilst not as famous as the Napa Valley, Ontario is home to one of Canada’s major wine regions. This is predominantly a white wine region where you will find well stocked tasting rooms along the Niagara Peninsula. On this wine route you will discover beautiful historic sites, charming country villages and rolling farm landscapes.

The Fun Doesn’t Stop There…

Canada is home to several provinces and territories that can entertain even the most hesitant of personalities. Ottawa, for instance, is not only Canada’s 4th largest city, but also the capital. While Ottawa is fairly large, it is growing exponentially. Not to worry though, there are plenty of Ottawa homes for sale for anybody looking to move there. And hey, it’s only about 500 miles away from Ontario!

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