New York’s Best Hipster Hangouts

Do you intend to get in-touch with your inner hipster the next time you are in New York?  Here, we are featuring some of the best bars for you to consider. Expect to enjoy indie music, drinks you’ve probably never heard of and a steadily artsy crowd.  Thanks to websites like Expedia, going to New York is now easy and cheap so you should have no problem visiting these places.


Happy Ending Lounge

This is a former massage parlour that is located in a trendy neighbourhood.  It caters to perfect hipster and so you are guaranteed to find yourself in the midst of a consistently interesting crowd. You can remain on the main floor for dim lighting and good conversation or move down to the basement. The basement features tiled booths and a DJ.  The drink menu is mostly original and experimental. So just take what you are comfortable with to avoid disappointments.


675 Bar

This bar is so concealed that you might miss the place.  It welcomes you to a hipster heaven in real sense of the word.  The narrow stair case leads you to a hallway lined by rounded nooks that feature various types of games. It offers you a place where you and your group can enjoy drinks in some form of mini seclusion. When you are done with the game, you can head off into the main grounds to get acquainted with a diverse crowd spanning across different ages and professions.  The drinks here are expensive but they are exotic. The food is also a bit more expensive compared to you can typical get in some NYC pub. Try the Macchu Fizz if you can endure its sting. The chocolate covered bacon is also delicious! This is the place to be if you are going to New York with your group. Lines begin to form at the entrance on weekends so you have to go early if you are planning an enjoyable evening with friends.


Lit Lounge

This one is a little different as DJs and live bands are playing on most nights. There is also an art gallery at the back of the lounge. The setting is intentionally raw and gritty and you are sure to see and meet all kinds of hipster groups here.  This includes the college student that is expert in world politics, the offbeat artist, or the guy that never removes the knitted cap regardless of the weather, and a lot more. This lounge makes it easy to relive your college days but you will have to pay for it as drinks are costly!

These are the top places to be if you are looking for hipster bars to visit while on vacation in New York City.

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