Why to choose train travel in Europe

Train travel is one of the best ways to travel around Europe. It’s fair on price, luxurious, hassle free and most of all extremely scenic. To organize your train travel you can use Railbookers bespoke train holidays for hassle free booking.If you still need convincing train travel is the way to go, here are my top reasons why train travel in Europe is the best.

 1. The trains in Europe are world class

Anyone who has the idea that train travel is second-class is very much mistaken. Once you step on board the European trains it’s easy to see why this is such a popular way to travel with both locals and tourists alike. The seats are extremely comfortable with lots of space and most trains offer modern facilities and restaurants. This is a lot better then being cramped up on a budget airline.


 2. It’s better than driving

Some people think driving is the best way to go, as you can take in the scenery at your own leisurely pace. However the reality is, you are in a country unknown, with road signs in a different language and perhaps even the driving is on a different side of the road. You end up spending half your holiday just trying to navigate your way around. When you take the train you can sit back and enjoy the ride, as you put your trust in the train driver to get you from point a to b. Plus don’t think you’ll be saving money on driving with the price of petrol these days.

 3. You avoid the airports

Airports are not pleasant places to travel through. You have to deal with long queues, grumpy customs officials, security check after security check and bad airport food. Never mind the long stressful ride it normally takes just to get out to the city’s airport, in an extremely costly cab ride.  Train travel generally only requires a 30 minute check in time and you can go straight from the platform onto the train. No more long wait times and a lot less stress.


 4. It’s relaxing and scenic

On the road you are too busy focusing on driving, and in the air you simple just don’t see anything. If you want to experience the most scenic way to travel then the train is definitely it. All you need to do is sit back and relax in your comfortable seat and watch the European countryside unravel before your eyes.

 5. It’s cost effective

As mentioned previously when you aren’t you flying, you aren’t dealing with costly rides out to the airports, airport fees, baggage fees and any other hidden taxes they like to throw in there. Train travel it’s simply the cost of the ticket and that’s it. Generally going from city centre to city centre so you also save on expensive airport cab rides too.

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