Online Sports Betting Continues to Evolve

If you’ve never made an online sports bet, you’re missing out. There are few things as fun as choosing a team, placing a bet, and watching a game while knowing you have the potential to win big along with your chosen team.

Sports betting dates back to ancient times, which is one of the reasons why many people take issue with the fact that it is still illegal in many countries around the world today.

Sports betting has long been popular (and legal) in the United Kingdom. Gambling kiosks and betting parlours operate around Britain, and residents can either bet on the phone, online, or in person. On and offline sports betting is a huge part of British culture, particularly for football fans- of which there are many.


While the UK enjoys legal online sports betting, there are many countries where it remains a crime, and many of these countries could reap the financial rewards from the revenue on legal, taxed online sports betting.

In New Zealand, online sports betting is legal, although the TAB website has a monopoly on the country and it’s still illegal to use operators from outside the country. In Australia online sports gambling is still illegal, something which is often considered weird since it’s legal to bet in-person or by the phone, and Australians are increasingly turning to mobile apps which skirt the line of phone and online betting.

India is a country which could greatly benefit from the taxation of legal sports betting, which is currently illegal and still prevalent as people simply use illegal betting syndicates which are often linked to crime and reap the rewards of $150 billion each year. Considering the levels of poverty and lack of education in India, this is money that could be used to do many good things in the country.


It may be surprising to learn that online sports betting is still illegal in the United States. In fact it’s the leaders of sport in the US that have petitioned the Senate to keep it illegal. The NFL felt that if online sports gambling was legalised, the sport would be used to increase gambling, and man other sports agreed, making it clear to athletes and fans that this would not be happening.

The result? The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection act, allowing only 4 states in the US to have legalised online sports betting. However the act continues to be protested, and proponents of the legalisation include NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who thinks that each state can benefit from the huge amount of revenue that online sports betting would bring.

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