Our Favourite Travelling Shoes

Travelling across the globe can be both demanding and rewarding on your mind, body and soul. It can also be demanding on the soles of your feet! When you’re spending the majority of your time hopping on planes, busses and trains and then walking from destination to destination, you need to make sure your shoes are up to scratch.

However, most travellers aren’t going on rugged mountain treks and you may not need your hiking boots. Instead, you need a comfortable and dependable pair of shoes that will withstand plenty of walking. Here are our top picks:



Best for – Relaxed beach travels

Birkenstock sandals are ideal for comfortable beach holidays and travels that involve a high amount of chilling out. While any sandal will do for that casual beach chic adventure, Birkenstocks are much more comfortable and robust. Whether you’re off to the Caribbean or travelling around the Greek islands. Ditch them in the city though, as some people say Italians and Spaniards frown on open-toe shoes.



Best for – Casual backpacking

Trainers are great for transitioning between walking a few miles on the road and then relaxing in a city. The rise in acceptance of trainers has seen them go from no-go footwear in clubs to being worn in practically any nightclub, so you should have no trouble going anywhere with your trainers on. For a do-anything, go-anywhere compromise, a good pair of comfortable trainers will go a long way. New Balance come in a variety of colours but have great arch support and overall comfort.


Best for – Business trips

Even a business trip can cause problems with your feet if you don’t take precautions. If you’re dressing to impress, you need business shoes that don’t cramp or hurt your feet. Invest in a quality pair of leather shoes that have supportive soles and good grip, ideal for walking through foreign cities on your way to an appointment or meeting.

Boat shoes are a good choice for men as they’re very fashionable with a pair of trousers – these ones from Daniel Footwear have excellent rubber soles.

Women should look at Chelsea boots for a smart yet sturdy option for city meetings.


Best for – Rugged adventures

Sometimes travellers have to tackle mountains and climbs that go above and beyond anything a normal holidaymaker has to handle. Mountainous countries like Switzerland and India can place rigorous demands on your feet. For these you need a pair of rugged shoes that will withstand any abuse you throw at them.

Both men and women should look at Merrel walking shoes as they provide comfort and also lots of grip, designed specifically for walking up mountains and ridges. If you’re heading someone specifically to hike, you should also pack hiking boots for the really tough climbs.



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