A Guide to Booking Last Minute Holidays

Today, quick and easy internet use means that holiday goers are in total control of planning a trip. Travel companies have spotted that the 80% of Brits who research and book holidays online tend to leave it to the last minute. Within the travel industry, this can mean anywhere from ten weeks to 24 hours before your departure. Whether you are looking to book a spontaneous getaway or would like to save some cash, here’s a guide on getting the most from last minute holidays.


Why go last minute?

Travel agencies have reserved accommodation and chartered flights that have to be filled. The later they are left, the more desperate operators are to sell at lower rates — so take advantage of this! Package holidays to the Spanish Costa’s and Greece tend to see the biggest reductions as they are so popular with sun seekers.

Prepare to be flexible

Unless you enjoy the spontaneity that comes with booking last minute, be prepared to make a few compromises. You might not get the location, dates or facilitates that you initially desired, but that’s not to say that you won’t find a fantastic deal. It might also mean discovering somewhere that you haven’t visited before.


Avoid the school holidays

It’s advisable to book holidays before the spring and summer school breaks in order to get lower rates. If you are taking the whole family and this isn’t an option, the last two weeks in the summer holidays (late August – early September) usually drop in price as the time gets nearer. You’ll also be better of traveling mid-week rather than at the start or end.

Do your research

Use holiday comparison sites and customer tips and reviews to research before making any kind of booking. Compare at least a few different options for the same destination or time of year, depending on which factor is more important to you. The value of thorough research could mean you save hundreds, so put the time into doing it properly!

Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself on a low-cost last minute holiday and with more money in the holiday spending budget you’re guaranteed to have a smile on your face.

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