Packing for your Christmas break

Whether you’re heading off to the highlands or vising loved ones in London, many people visit family over the Christmas period. Wherever you’re heading, you’ll need to make sure you travel light — after all, making your way through hectic train stations and bustling airports is no fun when you’re bogged down by baggage!

Here’s how to travel light this year by packing the following must-haves:


Party wear

Be it Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or a formal family get together, party wear is a must for both men and women. Maxi dresses are a great option for women, as they’re sophisticated and easy to pack — there’s no need to struggle with matching tops to skirts either. House of Fraser has a great range, with something to suit each individual style.

Men can’t go wrong with a suit either — just make sure you purchase a suit carry case to avoid having to deal with creases once you arrive.


The great thing about staying with family or friends is you can travel light when it comes to toiletries. Instead of packing things like toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, you can sneak some from your loved one’s supplies! Of course, we do recommend asking beforehand, to make sure!



If you’re yet to start your Christmas shopping, you should consider how many presents you’ll be able to carry or fit in your case. This means thinking again when it comes to bulkier items.

However, there is a way around this. If you are doing your shopping online, you can get your gifts delivered to your destination.Forewarn your loved ones of their arrival to make sure there’s no peeping before the big day and wrap them up when you arrive. You’ll have all of the presents with none of the hassle.

Alternatively, gift vouchers are a great option and will fit in your bag with plenty of room to spare.

Phone charger

There’s nothing worse than forgetting your phone charger, especially over the Christmas period when you’re sure to be bombarded by festive texts. Double, triple and quadruple check you have packed your handy device before you leave the house.

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