Tips For Safe and Fun Solo Travel

Those who have never traveled by themselves often start off reticent, afraid of social stigmas and learning to navigate difficult terrain alone. But traveling alone can often be compared to a religious experience, one that allows a person to indulge all of their deepest desires and adhere only to their own itinerary.

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1. Safety First

This is one of the most common worries for an inexperienced solo traveler. When you do not have anyone with you to watch your back, you can become far more susceptible to pickpockets and con artists. However, traveling alone also has its advantages, as you are more likely to blend in with your surroundings when you are not part of a large group.

Do as much research as possible, so that you know your way around. Walk with a purposeful stride and if you must ask for direction, do not let on that you are all alone in a foreign country. Remain out in the open, especially at night and be sure to walk in public places. Don’t wear clothes that give away the fact that you’re a tourist.  Following these tips will help you keep safe even when traveling alone!

2. Follow Your Instincts

When you only have yourself to listen to, it is important to follow your gut. If something does not feel right to you, then don’t go against those instincts. If your instincts tell you to dress more low key and keep all the fancy clothes and jewelry at home, heed these premonitions.


3. Don’t Be Too Trusting

There is no law that says you have to tell the truth about yourself to every single person that you meet. Traveling solo is a great opportunity to reconstruct your history and your persona, a way to take a vacation from yourself. So don’t head to a foreign country and start telling your life story.

4. Avoid Single Supplement Payments

Hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators will often stick solo travelers with a single supplement payment, so that they can recoup some of the losses they incur by not having a second party present. Be sure to look into this before booking a ticket or a room. Some people may be comfortable with the idea of roommate matching or pairing off on a tour, while others prefer to simply spend the extra money.

5. Be Flexible

Traveling solo means that you can save a great deal of money on your plane ticket by being flexible and ready to go within a moment’s notice. This allows you to save by booking at the last minute, as tour operators, airlines and hotels look to fill in their empty seats.

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