Planning long-term travel? Don’t forget to pack these things

When I first went travelling long-term, I made the rookie mistake of packing everything but the kitchen sink. I was smart enough to take a backpack instead of a suitcase, but ended up shedding items throughout southeast Asia. Why I thought I would need high heels and a little black dress in Chiang Mai, where elephant pants and flip-flops are the dress code is anyone’s guess.

If you’re planning to travel long-term, learn from my mistakes. After years on the road, I can officially let you know what you absolutely must take with you, and what you can feel free to leave at home.

Here’s what you need to pack for long-term travel:

Comfortable clothing

It may seem obvious, but too many people pack for the Instagram photos they hope to take instead of the 22-hour bus rides they’ll inevitably end up on. Do yourself a favour and pack your favourite track pants and hoodie for long flights and cold nights. Get your hands on some seamless underwear, leave the high heels at home, and make sure you have some comfortable shoes for hiking.

First aid kit

As someone who has suffered from severe food poisoning in the middle of nowhere in Cambodia, trust me when I tell you to pack a first aid kit. Make sure you include anti-nausea medication, ibuprofen, allergy medication, bandages, antibiotic cream, band aids, and anything else you may need in the event that you can’t get immediate medical attention. While you’re at it, don’t forget your Epicuren Skincare! You need to include you beauty regimen here too to save space!


You never know when you’ll need your documents, especially if you’re planning to work on the road. Be sure to back everything up on the cloud, and take copies of your passport, birth certificate, CV, visas, insurance policy, flight information, and receipts for any electronics you’re taking on the road.


As a digital nomad, I travel with more electronics than most people. I take along a Mac Air, portable keyboard, laptop stand, portable mouse, kindle, iPhone, and camera. I’m now considering selling my camera as I find I never use it and it’s simply taking up space in my bag. If you’re not planning to work on the road, you may find that a tablet can serve as a kindle, camera, and laptop.

What are you planning to pack for your long-term travel? Have I forgotten anything? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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