Singapore PR: Application Procedure, Benefits, and Obligations

One of the best countries in Asia to settle in is Singapore. It is a home of entrepreneurship, work opportunities, and numerous attractions to enjoy. Its economy is strong and one of the best in the region. Therefore, many people from all corners of the world want to settle down here. Two of the best permits to obtain are either citizenship or permanent residency. The latter is the most often recommended and the one for which it is easier to qualify. After making the right application and getting approved for Singapore PR, there are many benefits to enjoy.

How to Apply

Choosing an expert to guide you – the first step is to choose the right consultant or agent to take you through this process. The good thing is that such an agent simplifies the steps we are going to discuss below since the agent will guide you through the right procedures. If you try this out, your application will very likely succeed.

Filling out the e-PR form and attaching documents – it is now official that all Singapore PR applications should be completed online. Again, the agent will guide you on how to fill out this form. Together with this, all the required documents should be attached. Otherwise, the application will be disqualified.

Writing an immigration cover letter – one is also required to have a compelling cover letter with the aim of convincing officials at ICA to approve your application. One thing to remember is that there are numerous other people applying, and this cover letter really improves the chances of being granted permanent residence in Singapore.

Top Benefits to Enjoy

Once you get this visa, there are numerous benefits to enjoy. Some of them are increased job opportunities that are available in the country and a chance to further your studies in world-class institutions. We cannot forget to mention the numerous startup opportunities in Singapore. Just to let you know, the state nurtures startups through funding and incubation programs.

Another significant benefit of getting a PR in Singapore is the freedom of movement in and out of the country without the need to have a visa. Furthermore, you can stay in the country for as long as you wish. Actually, this is the main reason why many people desire to have this immigration permit. Other benefits include the right to buy property, tax benefits, and the ability to obtain funds just like Singaporean citizens. However, there are obligations in exchange for these benefits. Take a look below.


Tax obligations are mandatory according to the law. There is no way to avoid them. Additionally, any sons will be required to join the national service once they reach 16 years of age. Then, they will serve the government for two years. The last major obligation is the contribution to the pension fund under the national program. The good thing is that all these obligations are achievable, and they have benefits that will trickle back to you.


That said, it is clear that Singapore PR is one of the best permits you can receive. It is no wonder that the immigration authorities find it challenging to go through all of the applications that are made on a daily basis.

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