Spain Continues to Grow in Popularity for Brits Holidaying in 2016

With Sunshine Saturday on the 9th of January, it’s easy to see why more and more Brits are booking their summer holidays directly after Christmas. The cold weather doesn’t seem quite so charming when it’s not accompanied by lights and Christmas carols, and spending that much quality time with family can leave you craving some solitude with a book and a cocktail on the beach.

My Voucher Codes, an online voucher code website has looked into where Brits are planning to spend their summer holidays, and surveyed 1,256 adults to learn more.

When asked if they wanted to book a summer holiday this year, 70% replied that they did, 18% are still deciding, and only 12% said they had no plans to take a summer holiday.


Those who did want to take a summer holiday were asked where they would like to go, and 62% said they wanted to go overseas, which makes sense considering Europe is on their doorstep. 19% said they were still deciding where they would go, and 19% said they were planning to stay and spend their holidays in the UK.

For those traveling abroad, Spain was the most popular destination. The country has been popular with Brits for years, and its appeal doesn’t seem to be dampening any. This country offers a well-rounded holiday and there really is something for everyone- whether you like to lie on the beach working on your tan or take photos of the incredible architecture or wander through the many museums.

Foodies love Spain, and it’s a high-value destination where you can find some of the best wine in Europe for just a few Euros, snack on free tapas when you buy a drink at many bars, and even visit some of the best restaurants in the world.


The USA took spot number 2, which isn’t surprising considering it’s such a big country with so many places to explore. Greece was in spot number 3, which is could news for the Greeks who are still suffering from a terrible economy and are reliant on tourism.

South America was spot number 4, which is a huge destination encompassing many countries. Number 5 went to cruising, which has been growing in popularity for years now and shows no signs of slowing down. Passengers love that they only have to unpack once, can see multiple destinations and have accommodation, transport, food, and entertainment all included in their fare.

Spots 6 through 10 included France, Italy, Australia, Canada and Japan.

Mark Pearson, founder of My Voucher Codes said that the “dreary” January weather, Christmas lull and many people coping with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) make January (and Sunshine Saturday) an important day in the travel industry. Booking a summer holiday can help people escape the winter blues as they have something to look forward to, and can motivate them to meet their resolutions such as saving or working on their health.

For more information about the survey and the top destinations for Brits, read this article.

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